Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!

I know we all say it, but this year truly has flown by.  It feels like just yesterday I was toasting goodbye to 2012 with my girlfriends.  So many exciting things have happened this past year.  I thought I'd take a moment to remember the highlights...

Sam and I traveled to Australia for the first time together in March.  It was such a sweet time in our relationship.  I got to see the house he grew up in and meet many of his childhood friends. 

In mid May, Sam proposed to me and we began planning a wedding!

In June, we traveled to Boston for the first time.  We were true tourists and even went to a Red Sox game!  Then, we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Cape Cod and explored Nantucket.  Everything was, for lack of a better word, gorgeous.

I worked on and completed two large-scale design projects and a few smaller ones, too.  Balancing freelance work with full-time school was a juggling act, and, admittedly, there were struggles. But it was wildly fun, too.

(...more Rose Creek reveal photos to come in the new year!)

In late November, I became an aunt!  My brother and sister-in-law welcomed a baby girl, Lillian Grace:

There were many, many happy moments this past year.  But, honestly, there were hard moments too.  I try to keep the tone of my blog upbeat for the most part, but I never want it to seem as if I live some sort of perfect existence.  Sometimes I think the confusing and difficult times can be more beneficial for our personal growth than the blissful ones.  If you have had a hard year, or if you are going through some sort of struggle, please know that you aren't alone.  A few years back when I was going through a difficult period of life, I came across a book that truly helped me work through it and deal with the change.  It's called Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss.  Here's a quote from the book that I love, and that I find applicable as we move towards a new year:

"Even when 'change is constant' feels like an enemy that has swept away a happy part of our lives, our lonely times will come to an end and a new part of life will begin.  Consciousness is the ability to release the old and embrace the new with the awareness that all things end at the appropriate time and all things begin at the appropriate time."

The beautiful thing about a new year is that we all get a clean slate and a fresh start.   The past is over- the now is new, fresh, and limitless.  I hope you welcome it with joyous expectancy, like me.  Cheers to 2014!


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