Friday, January 31, 2014

Chic Site Alert: Dering Hall

TGIF!  Did we make it through the week my loves?  I hope so!  This week has gone by so fast for me.  My girlfriends here in Houston are throwing me a bachelorette party on Saturday, so an obligatory stop at the drybar beforehand will be in order!  I can't wait.  Before signing off for the weekend, I had to share a chic site that all you design lovers will adore.  In fact, many of you probably already utilize it!  Dering Hall is "the online marketplace for great design", and features high-end furnishings and accessories from the finest interior designers, artisans, and design galleries.  Besides offering a wide array of beautiful pieces, you can follow your favorite designers and their work.  A few of my favorites to follow include Jenny Wolf Interiors:

House of Honey (an all-time fave!):

And here are a few picks from Dering Hall's retailers that I just adore:

Shop Dering Hall

1.) Pink Ikat Pillows $275/ 2.) Primo "Couronnes" Chandelier $4,400/ 3.)  Tesselated Green Penshell Pyramids $1,200/4.)  The Kimber Chair $3,000/ 5.) Zebra Charm Bowl $4156.) Double X Bench $Price Upon Request/7.) Agate Mirror $3,100/ 8.) Minx Chair $Price Upon Request/ 9.) The Lillian Table $Price Upon Request/

I would do crazy things for the minx chair.  The color, texture, shape, and even that elegant base... it's perfect.    Most of Dering Hall's pieces have a higher price point than I can personally afford, but I love to explore the site for clients and to stay up to date on the latest showroom and designer offerings, as well as design trends in general.  I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Have a great weekend everyone! 



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Year Spruce Up with Lulu & Georgia

With my fiance Sam moving in to my townhouse soon, we have been working on the decor of certain shared spaces to make it less "me" and more "us."  Thankfully, he has a pretty good design sense and our tastes aren't too different!  At the same time, he has been gracious enough to let me keep a few of my favorite spaces decorated more feminine (aka pink).  For instance, I have a reading nook in my bedroom where I love to sit and peruse coffee table books and magazines, and hunt for design inspiration.   So when Lulu & Georgia offered to help me spruce up my favorite reading nook for the new year, how could I resist?

First up, I added this chic "glam" print to my gallery wall.  I love that it has a minimalistic feel and includes a pink bow - it fit perfectly with the girly feel I have going on in my gallery wall.

  Next, I added these Chandani Chevron throw pillows and the Florence Throw Blanket in sky blue to my chairs:  

And what reading nook spruce up would be complete without the addition of a fab coffee table book? I couldn't resist purchasing Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years , about past Vogue editor Diana Vreeland and her infamous witty memos.  

Vreeland rarely held meetings and communicated with her staff and photographers through memos dictated from her office or Park Avenue apartment.  The book includes 250 pieces of Vreeland's personal correspondence including letters to Cecil Beaton, Horst P. Horst, Norman Parkinson, and Cristobal Balenciaga.   I love reading through the memos and imagining what life must've been like for a legendary magazine editor.  The book is the perfect addition to my "favorite coffee table books" stack.

I love how the addition of only a few small, well-designed pieces can bring new life to a space.  All of the accessories I added from Lulu & Georgia totaled less than $250!  

Do you have an area of your home you are wanting to spruce up?  Well, the kind ladies of L&G are offering you all 20% off their entire site through February 2nd!  Just enter the code NEWYEARSPRUCEUP20 at checkout. 

A few other bloggers teamed up with L&G for a new year spruce up.  Be sure to visit the Lulu & Georgia blog today to see how they updated their spaces!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Touch of Chinoiserie

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week is off to a great start.  I was talking with a friend the other day, and he asked me how I would define my design style.  Once upon a time, I would've told you that I have an affinity for a more traditional palette with a fresh feel.  But lately, I feel that my aesthetic is evolving, and it is hard to pinpoint a certain style or look I appreciate over others.  Certainly I still love traditional pieces, and I'll always adore the character antiques can bring to a space.  However, the rooms I seem to be gravitating towards most are mixed and eclectic.  They combine different styles, patterns, and colors in a seamless way that feels natural.  One particular style I love to see incorporated in to a room is chinoiserie.  Chinoiserie, meaning "Chinese-esque", can be brought in to a space on a small scale, such as through a painted piece of furniture, chair, or mirror: 

I love how the traditional feel of the painted Chinoiserie dresser is juxtaposed against the modern tulip chair here.  And Chinese Chippendale chairs, like the one below, translate well in almost any space:

I also love adding a touch of chinoiserie through a folding screen.  Not only is this an unusual decorative element, it also provides a place for hidden storage:

Thankfully, there are numerous fabrics and wallpapers that incorporate an Eastern feel. I love this China Seas Lyford Background fabric these headboards are upholstered in: 

And there's nothing more gorgeous in my book than a Chinoiserie wallpaper:

de Gournay wallpapers are extremely popular among interior designers, and for good reason.  Their sumptuous colors and detail create an unforgettable interior:

So, are you a fan?  What's your take on touches of chinoiserie?

Monday, January 27, 2014

The 5 Best Winter Beauty Products

The cold weather makes me become somewhat of a hermit, finding every excuse to stay cuddled up inside.  Even though I live in Houston, the last few months have been windy and cold, reeking havoc on my skin!  Thankfully, a few tried and true beauty products have been keeping me moisturized and my skin glowing through the winter.  I know I always love getting product recommendations from others, so I thought I'd share my top 5 picks with you today!

Shop My Favorites:

1.) Antica Farmacista Prosecco Hand Cream $18/2.) Skin Ceuticals Overnight Renew Dry $61/3.) Lush Lip Balm in Honey Trap $7.25  4.) Aveda Foot Cream $9/5.) Bumble & Bumble Quenching Masque $38/

1.) FOR THE HANDS: Every once in a while, a new company or product line will send me some samples in the mail to try.  Most often, the products are okay, but nothing to write home about.  However,  after receiving Antica Farmacista's Prosecco hand cream and room spray, I was instantly addicted.  Besides smelling delicious, the lotion is so luxurious and feels like butter for dry hands.  To top it off, the packaging is so chic.  I consider myself something of a lotion junkie, and this is honestly my most favorite.

2.)  FOR THE FACE: I've been using Skin Ceuticals since middle school and my awkward acne faze (I cringe just thinking about those days...) During the winter, when my skin is extra dry, I slather their Overnight Renew for Dry/Normal skin on my face and neck.  I love that it contains a 10% hydroxy acid blend that gently exfoliates the skin while also fighting dryness and fine lines. I wake up with a bit of a dewy reflection, which lets me skip my highlighter!

3.) FOR THE LIPS: My recent lip addiction has been Lush Cosmetic's Honey Trap.  Honey Trap is filled with toning sweet orange and cooling peppermint to soothe dry, chapped lips. The rich honey scent makes it even more delicious.

4.) FOR THE FEET: Aveda's Foot Relief is the perfect remedy for keeping feet moisturized between pedicures...  Especially during winter, when our skin is super dry and brittle. The lavender and rosemary oils give it a sweet and relaxing scent, and I love slathering it on my legs and feet before getting dressed in the morning and before going to bed.

5.) FOR THE HAIR: Bumble & Bumble's Quenching Mask is the perfect replenishment for your hair.  Between blowdrying, straightening, curling, and breakage from tight pony tails, I needed something to help my poor blonde locks.  I have been trying to wash my hair only a few times a week to save it the stress of blowdrying.  I also have been applying this masque on the weekends, letting it soak in for 10-15 minutes before washing it out, and the difference in my hair is already noticeable. 

Do you have any personal favorites? Do share!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The View Through My Lens: 21

TGIF!  I am currently in route back to Oklahoma to attend a wedding shower my aunt is throwing in my honor (so fun!).  With just under 2 months til the big day, time is flying and I am trying to savor every moment amidst the planning craze.  Speaking of planning, last week we met our planner, Jacin of Lovely Little Details, in Austin for one more site visit.  While there, a peacock put on a show for us:

It's been 2 weeks now since my girl's trip to Dallas with Lindsay and Albertina, and I miss them dearly already (pathetic... I know).  We had brunch on Sunday at Number One Le Jus in Highland Park Village, and the poached eggs + toast was amazing.  Actually, the entire space was super chic, with marble-top tables and Gray Malin photographs on the walls.

I've been sprucing up my bedroom for spring, and today I decided to consolidate my favorite coffee table books in one big stack by my reading nook:

I also finally got around to styling our bar cart, and am just looking for the perfect piece of art to go above it.  Once we are done, I will do a full post to share the details!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Wish I Could Pull This Off...

Do you ever see an amazing outfit on someone and think, "I have to have that."  And then you go purchase said ensemble, and it is just wrong, wrong, wrong?!  It happens to the best of us.  I'd like to think of myself as a pretty daring person in my day-to-day life.  I love the thrill of taking a risk or trying something new.  But when it comes to making bold fashion statements, I usually let others make them, while I often stare in awe and think, "Damn, she looks good!"  Because I love fashion blogs as much as the next girl, I wanted to take a moment to pay homage to the looks I love but could never pull of myself.  First off- I love and I mean LOVE print mixing.  

Blogger B Soup is killing me with these metallic gold pants.  She flawlessly pulls them off with stripes and bold red lips.  There's something very Old Hollywood about her makeup and hair, too.   Amber rocked sequin leggings with a lips sweatshirt this Christmas, and if anyone can pull it off it is this girl:

 I like to think I have this badass alter-ego who does whatever the eff she wants (I don't).  But sometimes I just want to dress like it.  How flawlessly does Erin pull off the biker chic look?

And we can't talk fashion risks without including Karla!

Speaking of alter egos, I would also like to think I could've made an excellent hippie.  Just hand me a flower crown and some Quaaludes, and I'd be good to go.  But the loose, flowing frocks they donned are harder for me to pull off.  I love the bohemian flair to maxi skirts and long cardigans + floppy hats, though!

I've always had more of a gymnast's body than a model's.  My legs are muscular and short, which makes it hard to pull off the "over-the-knee" sock or boot.  But I loooove the look.

I have some serious fashion envy right now.  What about you?!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Going For a Dip

With a new year comes a revived sense of boldness.  Although I love my trusty neutrals when it comes to my wardrobe, I've felt more boho lately.  Soft layers, bright colors, and breezy textures are calling my name.  I am also longing for warmer temperatures so I can get back to wearing dresses everyday, like I do for most of the year.  Thankfully, this shouldn't be too far off for Houston.   I've also found myself reviving my love for all things dip-dyed this year...

Shop Dip Dyed:

Calypso St. Barth Dip Dye Silk Dress $495/Serena & Lily Dip Dyed Stools in White $58/Zoe Karssen "Killer Cool" Sweatshirt $130/Tory Burch Dip Dyed Scarf $185/Dip Dyed Ipad Case $30/Green Pacha Dip Dye Embroidered Dress $70/Boticca Dip Dyed Necklace $147/

I realllly want that killer cool sweatshirt.  And the green pacha dress would be perfect for our upcoming honeymoon to St. Barths.  What's your take on dip dye?

P.S.- Thank you all for your sweet comments/tweets/etc regarding yesterday's reveal.  It really meant a lot to me!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rose Creek Reveal: Living, Kitchen, and Den

Happy MLK Day my lovelies!  Do you have the day off today?  I hope so, and I hope you get to spend it doing something you love.  Today, I am excited to share the 3rd and final portion of my Rose Creek Project, including the entry and living, kitchen, and den.  The house has a very open floor plan, which presented some innate design challenges.  Working to fuse different textiles and colors in each separate space while still maintaining continuity was key.  In the entry, seen here in the foreground, we wanted to bring in some pink and peachy hues:

In the main living room, we incorporated varying shades of blues based off the soft oushak rug, which was the first piece we found for the space:

We hunted for a glass or lucite style coffee table for a long time, mainly because the couple loved the rug so much and wanted to be able to still see it through the table.  I finally came across this gorgeous vintage glass and brass table at Mecox Gardens (of course!), and had to snag it:

The kitchen was a fun project, too! We went with a princess white quartzite counter top and combined it with a New Ravenna oven backsplash.  The custom copper lanterns add a warm element to the cooler textures.  I worked with Boxwood Interiors in Houston to create the barstools!  I had them upholstered in a Robert Allen fabric with a nailhead trim:

And lastly, we have the den/TV room.  I had a little fun here by adding these industrial light up arrows and an enlarged Slim Aarons photograph as art:

For the back hall entry, we chose a travertine brick floor as a pretty alternative to the wood floors throughout most of the rest of the house.  The French antique mirror was a fab find from Memorial Antiques and Interiors:

The stained farm door leading to the laundry room picks up the brown hues in the granite slab on the mud bench.  This is one of my very favorite spaces of the home!  I hope you like it too.  

In case you missed it, click here to see the office and powder bath reveal, and click here to see the master bedroom and bath.

{all photography by Todd Scott Ballje}

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Navy Velvet Sofa

You may recall earlier this winter I spoke about the design industry's current fixation on cobalt blue.  I love the richness of the hue and how it can add a bold pop to a room- but I'm not sure I feel confident enough about it's longevity to purchase a sofa or larger upholstery piece in the shade.  However, take it down a few notches to navy, and I'm sold.  Combine it with the glamour of velvet, and you've got yourself a sofa made in furniture heaven...

I love seeing navy juxtaposed with corals and oranges:

Or balanced out with carmels and grays, for a boho feel...

Delicious... no?  What do you think?

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