Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Milestone

Happy Friday!  I hope you have all had a great week and are looking forward to a fun weekend ahead.  Today is a happy day for the POTC- we reached 1,000,000 page views!  Thank you all for reading and sharing your feedback over the last year and a half.  It's been such a fun and crazy journey- I've learned a ton, grown a lot, and met some amazing people.  Thank you for the comments, both positive and negative.  You keep me honest and don't let me settle for less than my best.  Lots of love, and cheers to the next 1 million.  


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Classic Blue + White Design

One thing design blogging has confirmed for me over the past year and a half is my true aesthetic.  Most young designers my age prefer the brighter, bold interiors with lots of drama.  Maybe it's because I grew up surrounded by antiques in my mother's shops, or maybe I'm just an old soul- but I tend to gravitate more towards the classics.  As I recently mentioned in my ginger jar post, I have become enamored with blue and white for the home.  Even my Rose Creek project updates on Monday showed that! It's a timeless, calming palette.  One of my Houston design heroes, Pamela Pierce, seems to love this color combination as much as me:

Here are a few more blue + white classic spaces to fall in love with...

Although classic design with a coordinating, soft color palette is what I'm most drawn to, that doesn't mean I don't also appreciate more modern + colorful spaces, too!  You may remember my home office was very eclectic and colorful, which, admittedly, was a little out of my comfort zone.  Nonetheless, I loved the outcome!  What are you most drawn to, design-wise?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I don't know WHY it took me 25 years to get to Nantucket.  Maybe because I'm a Midwesterner who, before our trip last week, had only experienced the northeast via NYC.   Nantucket is heaven.  It's bliss.  It makes you say things like "adorable", "cute", "charming", "cozy", "picturesque", and "fantasy" over and over again.   Sam and I stayed in Cape Cod but took the ferry over to the island for the day.  We strolled in and out of the boutiques along the cobblestone roads, rented a Vespa, and laid by the beach.  

We lunched at Corazon del Mar to cure our homesickness for Tex Mex.  I drank a true Mexican coke straight from the glass bottle.  Again, bliss.  My only regret was not staying overnight in Nantucket.  But at rates of about $750/night at most hotels, it costs a pretty penny.  We did visit the White Elephant Hotel for dinner and sat on their patio overlooking the water.  I tried my first bowl of clam chowder and it was everything I thought it could be.  When we left the restaurant, there was an antique car parked out front:

Honestly, how can you not say "charming" or "cute" when you see that?!  Moral of the story:  Get thee to Nantucket ASAP.  Many thanks to Mackenzie and Jacin for the recommendations!

View my other travel adventures:

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Rose Creek Updates

Happy Monday, my loves.  I am back in Houston today but already missing the northeast.  We had such a relaxing time in Boston, Cape Cod, and Nantucket.  The highlight for me was definitely Nantucket- it's an island out of a dream!  But more on that tomorrow.  Today I want to share a few client updates on #projectrosecreek.  This is the new build project I have been working on with the clients for nearly a year, and seeing it begin to come to fruition is bliss.  The kitchen has been completed- we went with an all-white color palette with traditional lantern pendants:

The kitchen bar fits a total of 7 barstools!  It's a monster.  My clients entertain often and wanted lots of seating.  We worked with Boxwood Interiors to create a distressed wood frame, and chose a Robert Allen fabric for the upholstery.  The soft blues and grays works well with the quartzite countertops:

And I can't wait to see this chandy go up in the foyer. It's a French antique found at one of my favorite Houston antique stores, Joyce Horn:

Do you spy the Anya Larkin metallic leopard wallpaper in the powder bath?  Yum!  I can't wait til the client gets moved in and we get everything in place to show you.  As this is my first new build to do, I am quite proud of it.  I hope you like it, too!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Beach Bag "Must Haves" with Luxe + Lillies

While Sam & I enjoy our last bit of vacation, Keely of luxe + lillies is sharing her summer essentials.  Keely's blog is a daily read for me.  I hope you have all had a great week!  Stay tuned for next week when I share a few fun wedding details.

Hey Peak of Tres Chic readers, I'm Keely from luxe + lillies, and am excited to be visiting over here and sharing with you my beach bag must haves! Since the lake is my go-to place, I love to have versatile pieces that will work for lounging in the sun, grabbing a bite at a wharf, and hanging out with friends...

It's key to have a great canvas tote that you can throw all of your stuff into, but I also always bring a smaller purse [this one is monogrammed!]. Currently I'm reading 7 Years Younger which is an awesome compilation by Good Housekeeping of products, tips and tricks to take 7 years off your age. 

Speaking of age, good sunscreens for your skin and lips are essential - as is a little low key jewelry to make your "outfit" pop. If you still like a bikini but are more comfortable with a little extra coverage, this geometric mid-kini is cute and affordable. I looovvvee this Roberta Roller Rabbit coverup, it doubles as a pretty adorable dress too, right? 

Finally, some versatile shoes and sunnies. I'm not one to bring my favorite pair, or most expensive - it just doesn't make sense when things go in the water too easily. I love that these d'orsay inspired flats are super chic for day or night, and these sunglasses are a little Karen Walker-esque.

Thanks for having me, Sam!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leopard + Orange

Happy Thursday, lovelies!  How is your week going?  
Today I wanted to share a decor post I did for my column on Made by Girl blog about one of my favorite combinations:  orange + leopard.  The mix is so sophisticated and memorable:

Shop This Board:

The Quinn Club Chair $675/Steve Madden Leopard VAMP flat$79.95/Leopard Pillow Cover $70/Kazak Orange & Pink Pillow Cover$119/Anthropologie Tassel Earrings $188/Leopard Spotted Skinny Belt$38/Michael Kors Ostrich Clutch $450

I just love the combination of bright, poppy orange with a luxe leopard print.  Do you agree?  If not, what color combo do you prefer?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Checking In From Boston

Happy Hump Day!  Sam & I are enjoying our first time in Boston, and since our time here is almost up, I thought I'd check in mid-week to share a few pictures with you.  The one area I have loved exploring the most is Beacon Hill.  The charming town homes, cafes and boutiques up and down the hills are just gorgeous.  When I saw this golden retriever posing for me with an American flag above, I thought, "Does it get more American than this!?"

I also loved the gas lanterns lining the street:

We enjoyed the SoWa arts market and I found a few vintage pieces to love:

While in the South End, we had brunch at Stella.  Any mimosa that comes with Stoli Orange is okay by me.  Sam had a "Dragon" which was a cocktail with watermelon and basil infused with rum.

I devoured my first lobster roll and wondered why it took me 25 years to do so.  Neptune Oyster came highly recommended, but I actually liked the lobster roll next door at Rabia's better (yes, I did try both):

We took a day trip out to Cambridge and toured Harvard.  This is Kirkland House, the dorm that Mark Zuckerberg lived in while creating what would become Facebook:

I am forever grateful for Erica's recommendations.  And I must say, Sam and I have used 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA and Canada on several weekend trips and it has never steered us wrong.  I highly recommend it.

Now we're off to Cape Cod and Nantucket and following the recommendations of Mackenzie and Jacin!  Be sure to stay up-to-date by following along on instagram- @peakoftreschic.

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Essentials with Laura Dro

Hello friends!  Today my friend Laura Dro has popped in for a guest post while I'm off in Boston.  She's an artist, textile designer and fellow blogger.  I'm loving her summer essentials:

I'm so excited to be guest blogging for Sam while she's on a fun vacay with her sweetie!  Now that summer is in full swing, barbecues, pool time and maxi dresses are a must have.  I wanted to pick a few things that I've had my eye on/obsessing/recently purchased!  My style in a nutshell for summer is easy, breezy, fun and fresh. I just purchased these cute sandals and I'm about to put the colorful Lilly clutch in the shopping cart!  Also, the floral pillow is from my Society 6 store and they are fabulous to zhush up an indoor/outdoor area, at a reasonable price. I also have prints and iPhone covers in the same patterns.  Check out more of the pillows here-  

Thanks Sam, for inviting me to blog post!  I love checking in on The Peak of Tres Chic and her flawless style, it's a morning must have for me! 

Shop This Board:

LA Maxi Dress $99/ Lily Pulitzer Wristlet $58/Thomas Paul Lobster Tray $35/Raspberry Lemonade
Recipe/Isaro by Jill Golden $95/Classic Blue Bangle $28/J Crew Colorblock Bracelet $68/Floral Throw Pillow Cover $20/Lulu DK Dinner Plates $45/Aldo Sandals $50

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sticking With Your Gut

"What’s nice about being on your own is you’re in control.  Every good decorator is a little bit of a control freak.  When you’re in control, if you don’t click with someone, you don’t have to accept them as clients.  Decorating is about personality.  I love the people I work with." -Miles Redd
Miles Redd is one of my all-time favorite designers.  I love this quote he originally shared in New York Magazine in 2003, and wholeheartedly agree with it.  I love my clients.  In fact, one of them has recently become my cycling buddy!  We just click.   
In the short time since I've launched my design business, I have learned the importance of sticking with my gut.  Whether it be taking on a new client, consulting on a room, or choosing finishes, I have to listen to my intuition and not second-guess myself.  When something doesn't feel exactly "right," you have to pay attention to that!  

Of course that extends beyond work in to all facets of life.  Can any of you relate?  

{image above via Miles Redd}

Friday, June 14, 2013

Off to Boston, Nantucket + Cape Cod!

Tomorrow morning Sam and I are off to the northeast to tour Boston, Cape Cod and Nantucket.  Sam has always wanted to see a Red Sox baseball game,  and I've always wanted to experience the preppy aesthetic of the coastal area.  Together we have a "North American Bucket List" of places we've always wanted to see, and Boston and the surrounding areas top the list!  Having followed the blogs of Erika, Erin, Mackenzie, and Miss Chic Geek for awhile now, I'm certainly in love with their northeastern-inspired style.    

Here's what's on my packing list:

After Sunset: Gerald Yoska Earrings $165/J Crew Silk Dress $350/I Love You Leather Papaya Pouch $195/

Beach Side:  Polka Dot Bikini $370/Jack Rogers Navajo Palm Beach Sandals $110/Shiseido Oil-Free UV Sunscreen SPF 42 $30

Sightseeing: Miu Miu Tortoise Shell Sunglasses $370/Topshop White Tank $50/Stacy Neon Checked Skirt $335/Nine West Wedges $64.99

I can't wait to enjoy a much-needed vacation and see the sites!  If you have any recommendations for Boston, Cape Cod or the Nantucket area, please share!  We are kind of flying by the seat of our pants and referencing this book for ideas.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Ginger Jar Collection

My two favorite colors to use together in decor are blue and white. Calming, clean, and reminiscent of coastal life, they make a happy addition to any room.  It's no surprise then that I love a good grouping of ginger jars.  It creates such a pretty vignette!

You may remember that I recently posted about purchasing my first 2 ginger jars in Kansas City when I was visiting Lindsay.  I decided to display them right in my entryway:

Well... they just so happened to be perfect for my client's foyer and have been lovingly passed on.  That seems to happen a lot! So once again, I'm ginger jar-less!  It's okay, I'm happy to continue hunting for the perfect mix.  Found for the Home had a great variety when I visited their store here in Houston a few weeks ago.  Maybe this is where I'll begin my new collection?

Do you share my love of ginger jars??

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bedside Table Study

I often get asked by friends and clients about bedside tables- do they need to match?  Can I get away with just one on one side?  What if my space is limited?  So today I thought I'd share my thoughts and advice on bedside design.  I personally love to see a bed framed with matching side tables/dressers.  The symmetry of it is pleasing to the eye.  Add wall-mounted sconces for a luxe alternative to table lamps:

Adding a bench at the end of the bed is another pretty framing device.  Ideally, one with a width of about 6" less than your bed width is best.

Symmetry is beautiful, but mis-matched bedside tables can add visual interest and uniqueness to a room:

Not in to bedside tables, or don't have the space for them?  Bedside chairs can do the trick!

If space is an issue, one bedside table is fine.  But to balance out the look, I'd put a tall fiddle leaf plant or even a pretty floor lamp on the other side of the bed. The ideal height of a bedside table is even with your mattress top, but going about 6" above is okay, too.  In fact, I personally prefer the height difference a bit.

What are your thoughts- what bedside look do you prefer?

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