Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Top 10 Faves: 40% Off Shopbop Surprise Sale

I'm not one to particularly enjoy "surprises."  I generally like to be in the driver's seat and know what to expect from any endeavor.  My need for control is one of the many reasons I've started a daily meditation practice (but that's a topic for another day).

However, one surprise I won't object to is a large surprise SALE- especially if it's hosted by a website I truly love.  For the next 3 days, Shopbop will be hosting a surprise 40% off sale on over 1,000 different pieces.  The best part?  Fall and winter items are included among the markdowns!  Now is the time to snag that expensive bathing suit you loved for next summer, stock up on winter sweaters and boots, and snag that leather mini that would be perfect with sheer tights and boots.  I would definitely suggest scouring the pages for unique finds that speak to you- but in case you're curious, here are my favorite 10 pieces from the sale.

1.) Etoile Bustier Ruffle Hem Dess, $59:

2.) BB Dakota Faux Suede Skirt, $78:

3.) Tavik Elodie Jumpsuit, $85:

4.) RTA Beckett Top, $206.50:

5.) Blank Denim Snake Along Jeans, $39.20:

6.) Lioness Bad Romance Blazer Jacket, $100.80:

7.) She Made Me Crochet Off the Shoulder Dress, $269.50:

8.) Soho Long Down Jacket, $475:

9.) Loeffler Randall Penny Slides in Snakeskin, $276.50:

10.) Cupcakes and Cashmere Harmoni Dress, $59:

Other eye-catching items from the sale to note...

-Cutest faux fur coat I've seen in a long while, and this one is sure to keep you warm.

-Now is the time to stock up on snow boots 

-This looks both cozy + sexy enough for holiday parties, throw this over it for a festive look.

-Everyone's favorite mules, this time in a new print.  Also adore these.

-Pretty little things under $100:  these, this, this, this, and this.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Gift Ideas Under $25 - Holidays 2019

I purposefully titled this one "Gift Ideas Under $25" rather than "Stocking Stuffer Ideas under $25" because I didn't want anyone accusing me of encouraging Christmas shopping hysteria too early in the year. :)  Nonetheless, I have gifting on my mind as product pitches for the season have started rolling in to my inbox.  I love an affordable + useful gift as much as the next person, so I thought I'd share a few of the best items I've come across lately with you today- in case anyone out there is an early shopper...

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Herve Van Der Straeten's Tangier Getaway

I recently added the new Inside Tangier- Houses & Gardens coffee table book to my collection in anticipation for my upcoming trip to Morocco.  Right now, we are only planning to be in Marrakech- but if I can make the time, I want to try and do a quick trip to Fez or Tangier.  This new tome by Vendome Press features a handful of abodes owned by artists, designers, and writers in Tangier.  It's hard to choose a favorite, but for some reason I was particularly drawn to the home of furniture designer Herve van der Straeten and shoe designer Bruno Frisoni:

The couple first visited Tangier in 1997, and at the time didn't really see the appeal.  However, they became close with a few long time residents of the city- and when a friend recommended they look at a house on the market in 2002, they fell in love and purchased it.  At the time they weren't thinking of buying in Africa at all- in fact, they had set their sights on purchasing something on the Amalfi Coast.  The house was irresistable to them; however, due to it's location- right on the cusp of the city's medina.

{In the entrance hall, two of van der Straeten's designs are on display- a Cubist chandelier and a colonnaded base console table}

Herve and Bruno, ever the creative duo, set to work adjusting the house's floorplan and finishes to their liking.  They opened up and adjusted the floorplan, which was typical of North African homes- with a center atrium and long narrow halls leading to adjacent rooms.  They knocked out all the interior rooms and one staircase, and left only the outer walls of the home.   They expanded the windows on the second floor and framed them in black lacquer.  “If you notice around the medina,” says Frisoni, “very few houses have big windows.” Explains Van der Straeten, “It’s very Spanish to have small ones to block heat and protect privacy, but we have nothing to hide!”  {Departures, 2014}.  They also incorporated design elements they loved from their travels.  The marble flooring is inspired by the Casa de Pilatos palace in Seville, and the black and white stripe tiles in the master bath mimick a hammam the couple loves to visit in Damascus I've long been a fan of Herve's lighting designs, one of which hangs in their living room:

The modern mix of furniture and objects in the living room is so interesting to see in a Moroccan home.  I guess that's why I'm so drawn to it.  

The master bedroom is light and bright:

The walls and bedding in their guest bedroom feature textiles from Syria and other farflung places, while the headboard is a green painted door the couple found in Fez. The bedside tables were made by craftsman in the nearby medina:

{image above from Departures article}

The home's rooftop terrace overlooks the beautiful city of Tangier:

Read a write up Vogue did on this same house a few years back here.

Get a copy of the Inside Tangier coffee table book here.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Boho Vibes

It's an exciting time of year- fall.  I feel that right now we are having the best of both worlds in New York:  The energy and excitement that only a changing season can bring, yet summer-like temperatures remain.  In fact, it's 80 degrees outside right now as I eat a bowl of Egyptian red-lentil soup (sidenote- if you haven't tried Juice Press soups, you're missing out).  Next month I am traveling to Istanbul, Cairo, and Marrakech with a good friend, and I've been watching movies based in these cities for fun.  Last night I watched Hideous Kinky, which stars Kate Winslet and is based in Marrakech.  It wasn't the best movie, but the bohemian vibes of the setting and the main character's lifestyle spoke to me.  In fact, I've been gravitating towards all things 70s-esque lately:

1.) Soludu Leather Mules, $148/

2.) Kershaw Upholstered Chair, $1,198/

3.) Floral Mesh Top, $15/

4.) Juju Hat I, $395/

5.) Penelope Hoop Earrings, $36/ i also really dig these.

6.) Flare jeans in lasalle wash, $128/ - these are cute, too!

7.) Stephanie Vovas Photograph/

8.) Contrast Straw Fedora, $12

I'm also dying to add Ibiza Bohemia by Assouline to my coffee table book collection$78/ - this one is great, too.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a few instagram accounts to follow for all the 70s nostalgia you could ever want....

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