Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sam Loves: 25

It's the last day of August and I'm feeling a little nostalgic looking back at these past 3 months of summer.  Summer is without a doubt my favorite season, even more so now that I live in New York.  The fall and spring in Manhattan are truly special, but summertime has it's own charm.  For one, the city moves at a slower pace.  It's the perfect time to go visit museums and dine alfresco, as most people leave the city on weekends and everything is a bit less crowded.  These Italian ice carts line the streets uptown for a few hours on weekday afternoons, and I swear I dream about the coconut shaved ice all year long.  I'm still holding on to the last few charming weeks of summer, so my moodboard is full of vibrant, energizing hues:

Sam Loves: 25

1.) Deborah Rhodes Sinamay Flower Placemats in an array of pretty hues, $20 each/

2.) Swooning over Elina Halimi's closet feature on The Coveteur.  Halimi is the art director of Kabuki Paris, and the girl has. style.  I especially loved the pill capsule artwork hanging above her console.  (Anyone know the source, by chance?)

3.) Antique Ikat Lumbar Pillow, $179/

4.) Still loving neck scarves.   I recently discovered scarf brand Centinelle, and I can't get enough of their cheeky scarves. I love this one and this, too.   If you purchase a scarf and share a picture of you wearing it on Instagram before 9/22 (with tag #putascarfonit), the owner Cristina will make a donation to the SF SPCA in your name.  Pretty cool!

5.) Kate Spade Belgrove Flats are the cutest slides I've ever laid my eyes on, $298/

6.) Italian Faux Seashell Arched Top Mirror $400/ - I also adore this one from Wisteria (it's currently 25% off!)

7.) Gage Huntley Gold Bracelet, $32/

8.) Lisa Fine's Parisian Pied-a-Tierre is chock full of delicious pattern and color.  Her sitting room walls, pictured here, are embroidered in a Pakistan textile.  If you aren't familiar with her textiles, you have to visit her website.  We're constantly spec'ing fabrics from her line for clients.  

Have a great Thursdsay- we're almost to the Labor Day Weekend!



Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Hans Wegner Rope Chairs

Today’s blog post is all about Hans Wegner’s rope chair.  You’ll certainly recognize this iconic chair in the photos below as it has remained a staple since it was originally created in 1950.  Like most modern furniture designers, Hans believed in the principle of “form follows function” and his pieces were known for their organic functionality.  Wegner spearheaded the Danish modern furniture movement and is famous for integrating perfectly executed joinery with exquisite shapes and combining them with wood and its natural characteristics (Carl Hansen).  When constructing the easy chair, it takes a craftsman roughly 10 hours to weave paper cord across the curved frame. This piece perfectly represents Wegner’s keen ability to meld design and material without unnecessary fuss:

Here are a few Hans Wegner Rope chairs- both authentic versions and those that are crafted in the style of his design:

4.) Design Within Reach Easy Chair - Authentic (another authentic version here).

In 1949 Hans Wegner became an honorary member of the Royal Danish Academy for the Fine Arts in 1995.  Almost every major design museum in the world features Wegner’s furniture- from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to Die Neue Sammlung in Munich, Germany.  

Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday's Worthy Links: 8.25.17

Today I am off to Kansas City to visit my good friend Lindsay and see her new baby!  I can't wait to be reunited with her and hug her neck.  She was a friend whom I originally met through blogging about 5 years ago.  We instantly bounded over our love for interior design and Mexican food.  Here we are almost 3 years ago to the day at Port Fonda:

Man how time flies.  Tonight we're going to dinner at Corvino Supper Club and out for drinks at The Monarch.  My good friend from OKC, Sarah, will be joining us too!  Before I head to the airport I wanted to share a few links for the weekend.

Friday's Worthy Links:

The Secret to Desire in a long-term relationship. - TED Talks

The Cost of a Free Lunch.  - Raptitude

A few tips for planning your best vacation- and how travel can teach us not to be afraid. - A Cup of Jo & The Everygirl

How Your Gender may be holding back your brand.  - The Everygirl

Still LOVING this podcast.  Ladies, it's a must listen.  - The Simple Sophisticate

The financial version of liquid courage. I'm currently working hard at #1. - Free to Pursue

Speaking of finances... the Powerball winner was announced and she promptly quit her job. Go on with your bad self, Mavis! -Huffington Post

Sale alerts!  Urban Outfitters is having a buy one get one 50% off on their jeans and Tory Burch is offering 60% off clearance items.  That means NOW is the time to scoop up these, these, and these.

Happy Weekend!



Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Dark Moment

I was ill prepared for the eclipse yesterday.  No one told me those glasses were a necessity, so I ended up only catching glimpses of it through squinted eyes (and yes, my retinas burned afterward- clearly I'm an idiot).  My office is right by Central Park, but my coworkers and I watched the eclipse from our office window instead.  In New York, only a partial eclipse occurred.  Seeing photos of what the full eclipse looked like left me feeling a bit jipped- there were no few minutes of complete darkness for Manhattan.  Even so, I'll take inspiration from the eclipse and share a few of my favorite dark, moody accessories...

Dark Moments:

1.) Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Leather Crossbody Bag, $195/

2.) Talbert Oversize Mirror, $989/

3.) Esmerelda Crocheted Mini Dress, $298/

4.) Spitfire Sharper Edge Round Sunglasses, $59/

5.) Poplin Ruffle Tee, $49/

6.) Mid-Century Mini Desk, $399/

7.) Diptyque Bais Candle, $90/

8.) Latigo Scout Boots, $118/

9.) Misty Druzy Ring, $32/

Did you get a good view of the eclipse?   Here's a collection of photos that chronicles yesterday's event around the world.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Channel Tufting

Furniture with channel tufting has had a serious moment this past year- and if High Point Market is any indication, this element won't be going away anytime soon.  Baker, Henredon, Four Hands, and Modshop all debuted collections at this year's market with channel-tufting details present.  Before we call this upholstery style a "trend", let's remember it originated in the 70s.  I managed to track down a few 70s design photos where channel-tufting was utilized in the design:

How great are those channel-backed bean bag chairs?  Can't you imagine a fondue party in full-swing in that living room?  That's a party I wouldn't have missed.  You've got to love the 70s.  If you're in Manhattan and want to be transported to a mod 70s-esque environment, head straight to the Boom Boom Room on the roof of The Standard Meatpacking:

Designed by Roman & Williams, this glittering bar is "groovy mod" at it's best.  The channel-tufted sofas snake around the perimeter of the bar and provide numerous seating arrangements.  

Also, how could we have a discussion on channel tufting without including the oft photographed Sketch restaurant in London?  Their bubblegum pink tub chairs are channel tufted and remind me of a clam shell:

Leave it to Lauren Santo Domingo of Moda Operandi to be impeccably on-trend.  Last fall, the online retailer opened a brick-and-mortar showroom in the Upper East Side that is styled as a sleek townhouse.  It's high style and high tech- before a customer walks through the door, the store has her style preferences and sizing, so the appointment is tailored with just her in mind.  Domingo infused the space with statement-making modern furniture from her numerous residences, including this on-trend channel tufted sofa:

Before you begin to think channel tufting only works in commercial spaces, let me share a few photos of my favorite homes that include channel tufted pieces: 

Carmel leather on a sofa almost always looks chic.   The thinner channels on the sofa shown above feel more masculine and streamlined.

I also really dig this chair makeover Janine Morrison of Tonic Living posted on Instagram:

Here are a few of my favorite channel tufted furniture pieces currently for sale:

Jonathan Adler Pompidou Chair:

Roger & Chris Harley Chair:

So what say you?  Is channel tufting rightfully securing it's place as a 2017 design trend?  Or, is it better left in the past?


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Thoughts on Self Care

One of my favorite things to do when walking around the city or riding the subway is to listen to podcasts.  I have a few tried and true favorites, like Monocycle and the Tim Ferriss Show.  However, I was recently introduced to The Simple Sophisticate podcast by Shannon Ables and I feel that it has already improved my life in subtle, small ways.  One topic Shannon often discusses on her podcast is the idea of self care.  How do we care for ourselves as a woman in the modern world?  Most self care articles and opinions shared today focus on women who are moms- and for good reason.  Everyone knows being a mom (and a dad!) is emotionally and physically taxing.  Combine that with many who also have full-time careers, and it's easy to understand why mothers need to be reminded of the importance of caring for themselves first.   But one topic that isn't often discussed is self care as a single woman.  The Simple Sophisticate shares her opinion that being single can actually be quite luxurious, and I couldn't agree more. The past 2 years I have been single, and it's given me a lot of time and space to grow as a person.  I've gotten to go to the beat of my own drum- move across the country, develop a routine that worked well for me, explore my newfound interests, and become incredibly resourceful on my own.  In the end, I think these things will only allow me to be a better partner for someone down the line.

So how does self care look for me?   Here are 5 things I've done to nurture my sense of well-being:

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Style Stalking: Maja Wyh

I've always considered myself someone who appreciates fashion and is inspired by good style.  I love to observe trends, study the biannual fashion week runways, and read the next season projections in my favorite glossies.  I also find it fascinating that the way people dress often reflects a country's current economic state (yes, there is a correlation- ever heard of the hemline theory?).  As much as I love following fashion, I don't get too creative or adventurous when it comes to my own wardrobe.  I'm short (5' 2"), and I know by now the silhouettes and cuts that work best on my shape- and I tend to stick with those when pulling together a look. Still, I do borrow subtle styling ideas and layering techniques from fashion gurus.  One style maven I've become infatuated with this year is Maja Wyh.  Her website sits on my favorites bar and I love scrolling through her site and her instagram to check out her latest looks.  She's the queen of baggy pants, strappy heels, breezy dresses and wraps, and layers upon layers of sweaters and coats when the weather calls for it.  Here are a few of my favorite looks from Maja:

To me, her style transcends fashion and is more of an art form.  She manages to balance the loose and free flowing with the tailored, the masculine with the feminine, the flashy with the classic.  Her looks are fabulously curated yet she presents them effortlessly.

While it feels criminal to find inspiration from winter ensembles at the moment, it would be remiss of me not to share some of Maja's layered cold weather looks:

Obviously I love the leopard print accents in many of her looks, as well.  The girl is fierce!  Which look is your fave?

Follow Maja's blog here and her instagram here.

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