Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sam Loves: 30

My favorite time of year is summer- there's no question about it.  With Memorial Day behind us and July 4th almost here, I'm loving everything red + white + blue.  I have trips to the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard and Seaside, FL coming up in the next few months (by the way- any recs for Seaside or MV would be much appreciated, I've only been to each place once!) and here's what's on my wishlist for my travels:

Sam Loves: 30 (top to bottom, left to right)

Chambray Smocked off-the-shoulder Dress $15// Strappy Bow Wedges, $128/Embroidered Red and White Table Runner, $35/Lisa Marie Fernandez Crepe Bikini, $98 per piece (THIS is cute, too!) / Cult Gaia Bamboo Bag, $230/Oversized Mixed Bead Earrings $42/Ippolita 18 karat gold earrings $450/White Wrap-Front Romper, $80/

Monday, June 18, 2018

Take a Chill Pill

Last week one of my childhood best friends, Sarah, came to visit New York with her mom and we all shacked up in my cozy studio.  Neither Sarah or her momma had ever been to Manhattan, so they had a packed schedule of events and sights to see while I was at work.  After work, we'd meet for a bite, go to a show (we fit in both a trip to Comedy Cellar and last minute tickets to the Broadway show Waitress), and inevitably I'd make them walk a lot further than they wanted to after a full day.  I'm famous for chirping, "one more block and we'll be there!" when in actuality we have 6 blocks left.  I believe it is all about positivity and encouragement when you are dragging NY tourists around far too many places.  On our last day, I showed them the Guggenheim and we stopped in for awhile to explore the gift shop.  While looking around, I fell in love with a piece by Ray Geary called "Pill Explosion":

I love any art form that has an irreverance and humor to it- especially if it pokes fun at society- and 30 colorful pills cast in resin are certainly no exception.  But that price!!  I imediately began contemplating whether or not I could re-create something like this myself (highly unlikely).  The DIY version would mean having to sweet talk a few old ladies on the subway in to opening their pill boxes for me- and that is no easy feat.  For now, I'll have to just remain an admirer of Ray's work:

I started researching other artists who'd made pills the subject of their art, and found some very cool stuff.

Society 6 has a lot of cool pill-inspired artwork, too- for very affordable prices:

And then I came across the work of Susie Freeman:

Might I suggest you take a chill pill (or get a shopping high) to start your Monday?



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