Tuesday, January 30, 2018

5 Favorite Buys from 2017

Earlier in 2017, I did a "5 Favorite Buys of 2017" post.  However, I feel it was a bit premature considering I wrote it in May.  Now that the entire 12 months have passed, I figured it was worth re-writing the post with my true 5 favorite buys of the year.  2 of the 5 are under $50, and 4 are under $100.  I'm always fascinated to hear about the products and items people swear by and continue to go back to and buy more of- so here are 5 of mine.

1.) Faux Fur Brushed Tips throw from West Elm:

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Style Icon: Lucy Williams

Are you all familiar with Lucy Williams?  She's the flawless blogger babe behind Fashion Me Now.  Based in the UK, Lucy began her career working as a fashion assistant for InStyle and then served as fashion assistant editor at Stylus.  After 7 years of blogging, Lucy has built a loyal following and garnered press from all the top fashion editorials for her unique sense of style.  I'd describe her aesthetic the same way I'd describe my dream man:  effortlessly original... laid back... unpretentious... all the while remaining undeniably cool.  She manages to sport the "beachy-chic-salt-water-in-my-hair" look flawlessly throughout the entire year: 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Snow Boot Chic

When I moved from Houston to New York in 2015, I owned one "heavy" jacket.  I thought it would serve me well and carry me through the winter as I'd always characterized it as my "cold weather coat." But when the temperatures first dropped to the 20s that fall, I was alarmed to discover I was grossly unprepared for northeastern winter.  I immediately invested in a puffer coat and snow boots, both of which I still own today and wear often.  I also discovered that snowy weather wear is an entire sect of fashion I had been completely oblivious to while living in Texas. 

The key to getting through the cold winter months after the Christmas cheer is over is to have a jacket and snow boots you really, really love.  By the time April comes around I always fantasize a little about giving away my Metropolis.  By this point I'm so sick of seeing myself in it for the past 5-6 months, but I manage to resist the urge and hang it in the back of my closet instead.  Without fail, I'm always a tiny bit happy to pull it back out in November.  The same goes for my snow boots.  Since we're in the thick of winter and warm weather seems out of reach at this point, I thought it'd be fun to get inspired by chic winter snow boots.  A crowd pleaser has always been Sperry's duck boots:

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday's Worthy Links - 1.19.18

Happy Friday!  Better late than never, right?  I meant to hit "publish" on this post before work, but then the morning and the day slipped past me.  I hope everyone has a fabulous, relaxing weekend- and if you're going to the Women's March in NYC tomorrow, I hope to see you there!  Get all the details here

Friday's Worthy Links:

Why the Aziz Ansari story is important.  (amen to this...)

The danger of convenience.

Michael Phelps bravely reveals his struggle with depression.

The weekend is here which means it's time to party!  8 notable people recall their favorite soirees.  Speaking of parties, I'd love to have one on the horizon so I could justify buying this for it.

Tory Burch's style editor Grace Sickles had a truly glamorous wedding celebration (of course she did).  I'm swooning over the photos.

Feeling this.

A stylish (and affordable) coat that's perfect for the current frigid temps, and loving these pants.

A year in Melania's world.  My heart kind of breaks for her... she seems so oddly lonely. 

Dreaming of escaping to a balmy locale, and @taramilktea 's instagram is the perfect source of inspiration.

A new workout collection that could get me to the gym, stat.

 If you're looking for something to do this weekend, I recommend going to see I, Tonya or Lady Bird in the theater.  The Post was good, too, but I wasn't as fascinated with the actor's performances as I thought I'd be.   Any other movies I should check out during freezing January?!




Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sam Loves: 27

A few things on my love list right now...

Sam Loves: 27:

1.) Adenorah is one of my ultimate style crushes.  I adored her vintage band tee paired with an Isabel Marant wrap skirt (less expensive option here).  

2.) How to keep going.

3.)  Sunday afternoon I finally got to see Lady Bird in the theater.  I was intrigued by the movie both because of this article and a record-breaking rating of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Please stop whatever you are doing and GO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE.  By the time the credits rolled, my eyes were watering (a bit too much) at the sweetness and vulnerability of the film.  It made me want to call my mom immediately and tell her how much I love her.

4.)  A new year means new goals!  I started a workout regime last year that I'm planning to continue in to 2018:   2 Soul Cycles classes and 2 Pure Barres classes a week, limited sugar intake (besides wine of course) and a [mostly] non-negotiable 8 hours of sleep a night.  I started wearing a fitbit alta in 2016 and it's honestly made it so much easier for me to stay on track with my fitness goals.  I've got my eye on this stylish band (and this one too)!

5.) A pajama set I adore. 

6.) Dreaming of warmer temperatures (and contemplating a jaunt to Miami in a few weeks...) and lounging in the sun in this suit.

7.) Loving the layered library in Hillary Thomas's San Francisco Tudor home.  See the full house tour here.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Admiring a Classic: Saarinen Tulip Chairs

It is rare that a notable piece of furniture is versatile enough to mix well with traditional and contemporary interiors alike- but the tulip chair manages to do just that.  Designed by Finnish architect Eero Saarinen in 1955 for the Knoll Company, the chair consists of a sleek cast aluminum base and a molded fiberglass top.  Saarinen is famous for saying-  "The undercarriage of chairs and tables in a typical interior makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world.  I wanted to clear up the slum of legs-   I wanted to make the chair all one thing again."  Made originally to pair along with Saarinen's tulip table, the piece remains a popular dining chair option:

Eero originally wanted the chair to be 1 single piece constructed of fiberglass, but found that the prototypes were easy to break.  The fiberglass base were unable to support the top of the chair- and thus had to be made of cast aluminum coated in rilsan.  The chair is considered "Space Age" for it's futuristic use of curves and artificial materials.  Here is an ad for the tulip arm chair soon after it was released in 1956:

The armchair version of the tulip chair also remains a popular dining chair option:

{Architectural Digest}

Eero, his second wife Aline, and their son Eames enjoy breakfast at home perched in their tulip chairs:

Side note- Eero and Aline were widely in love.  They were known to write cute love letters back and forth.  Here's one Eero wrote to Aline:

So sweet.  

Eero is remembered for pushing the boundaries of modernism in both design and architecture.   In addition to his iconic furniture pieces, he designed many structures as well.  Among the most notable are the TWA flight center at JFK Airport in NY:

The St. Louis Gateway Arch:

and the Chapel at M.I.T:

Interested in acquiring some tulip chairs?  Here is a set of four antique swivel Eero Saarinen Tulip Chairs from 1st Dibs:

If you want the authentic design but brand new, a reproduction is available for purchase at Design Within Reach:

And many stores sell less expensive knock-offs ($132/each here):

“The purpose of architecture is to shelter and enhance man’s life on earth, and to fulfill his belief in the nobility of his existence." - Eero Saarinen

Read other "Admiring a Classic" blog posts:

(designed by one Eero's good friends, Charles Eames, whom he named his son after)

Happy Monday!



Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday's Worthy Links- 1.12.18

Friday's Worthy Links:

-Someone who's finally saying something positive about millennials.

-Thoughts on New Years Resolutions from a New Yorker writer.

-How one person saved 30 percent of their income in 2017. I think #5 could work for me.  #moneygoals

-If you need a good laugh and/or a mental break, watching this never gets old.

-Oprah for Prez 2020- everything you need to know.

-Ahhhh.... a few lovely, nameless feelings.

-My new style icon: Prince George.  I cannot get over how insanely adorable this kid is.

-Loved reading my friend Sophie's experience getting naked with 10 other gals in a Finnish sauna.

-Rag & Bone (aka my favorite brand of all time) is having a 40% off sale with code EXTRA40.  Love this, this, and this.

-Urban Outfitters is also having 40% off this weekend for items from their home/apartment collection.  Someone please buy this chic sofa (for under $700!) or this sleeper (or this cute one) for under $600.  More finds: the cutest to-go containers ever, a fun twist on the typical self-help book, this, these, this, and this.  Happy Shopping!

Have a good weekend!

{interior above by Nickey Kehoe}

Monday, January 8, 2018

Falling in Love with Nola

Hi all!  Sorry for the radio silence the past week or so.  To be honest, 2018 has been BUSY.  I'm not going to bore you by telling you how insanely crazy my life has been, because in truth it probably isn't that bad when compared to many of you.  Nonetheless, I needed a bit of a break to ease back in to work, get organized, and most of all- to get inspired again.  Like the rest of the country, New York has been bitter cold and it's hard to get my ass in gear when I'd rather be buried underneath a blanket watching Bloodline.  However, it seems my creative juices are flowing again- thanks in large part to some down time and travel over the holiday.  I spent New Years in New Orleans and saw a part of the city I hadn't experienced before- bustling Magazine Street.   So many designer favorites are located on this street- Leontine Linens, Shaun Smith Style, Rivers Spencer, Perch Home, Amanda Stone Talley's Gallery,... the list goes on and on.  I also popped in to Ashley Longshore's gallery and picked up a copy of her new book, You're Not Fat You're Crazy.  Luckily she was in the gallery when I visited, so I got her to sign my copy like the complete fangirl that I am.   Her work is poppy, bold, and often snarky, which I love:

If you don't follow Ashley's instagram, follow immediately (assuming you are not easily offended :)).  I loved reading her book over the past few weeks- it's essentially her autobiography mixed with gorgeous glossy images of her paintings.  

Down the road from Ashley is Rivers Spencer's storefront and design studio:

{Rivers Spencer store front- the trash can just makes the picture quintessential NOLA}

I love these lucite barstools spotted in the back room of her store:

The entire space was chock full of treasures and aesthetic eye candy:

The French Library children's bookstore may win for "cutest facade" on Magazine Street:

I so enjoyed wandering in and out of the rows of stores.  My heart will always be partial to French and Swedish antiques, and going in to store after store of priceless treasures reminded me why I chose to pursue interior design in the first place.  It's hard to find something else that brings me as much joy as happening upon a Neoclssical harp-back settee upholstered in a pink silk fabric:

Or a pair of adorable scalloped wall lanterns:

Colorful wax busts perched inside Katie Koch Home:

The inspiration didn't stop there.  The best meal we had while in Nola was at Shaya, also located on Magazine:

In truth, this might be one of the best meals I've had anywhere.  Shaya fuses Isreali staples with Southern flavors and "modern techniques, striking a balance between innovation and tradition.  Shaya approacehs Isreali cuisine as a grand mosaic, drawing influence and inspiration from North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Greece.  The contemporary menu reflects the ongoing evolution of Isreali food and celebrates the abundance of Louisiana (Shaya Restaurant).

We visited for brunch and the meal was heavenly.  Wood-rusted brussel sprouts, soft cooked egg hummus and curried cauliflower hummus, warm pita bread, and an isreali salad to start. A falafel sandwich, matzo ball soup, shakshouka, and crispy haloumi came next.  And the cocktails!!  The cocktails.  Everything was absolutely dreamy.

My other favorite meal while in NOLA was at August.  I could go on and on about that experience as well- but suffice it to say the black truffle gnocci is a must:

Gabby and I being gluttonous at Herbsaint.  Learn from our mistake:  don't make a reservation at 10 pm with them.  They fail to tell you their kitchen closes at 10, and as soon as you sit down you have to place your food and drink orders immediately.  All 8 of the small dishes our group of 4 ordered came out at the same time!  Food overload.

All in all, Nola was a great time.  I most enjoyed the antiquing and getting off the beaten path.  However, one night of hurricanes and bead throwing on Bourbon Street may have occurred.

I'm hoping to get back to sharing more of myself here on the blog this year.  I keep blogging because I genuinely love it- the reflection and study of my life through writing has proven to be immensely beneficial over the past 6 years.  I hope you'll keep following along for year 7!

Happy New Year!



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