Friday, April 28, 2017

Take Me Away: The Miami Beach Edition Hotel

It's no secret I love Miami.  It's one of my favorite getaways, especially now that I live on the east coast.  I love the vibrancy and colorful culture of the city, as well as the breadth of hotel properties.  There's a hotel in Miami for every personality.  I've stayed at the Standard and at the Loews Hotel, and just these two have very different vibes.  The Standard is for the traveler looking for complete relaxation and rejuvenation... who wants to read a book by the pool in peace and have a low-key dinner following a yoga sesh and a soak in the Turkish hamam.   The Loews is a bit more lively with poolside music, beach access, and a modern, sleek design.  But there's one hotel fairly new to the Miami scene I've been dying to try -  the Miami Beach Edition.

The Edition is located just north of South Beach, and is unabashedly modern.  You won't find a nod to 1920s Art Deco architecture here like you will at most of the other Miami properties - just minimalist, neutral vibes with a bit of a bohemian flair.  

The property was developed by Ian Schrager, who's also responsible for New York's Edition Hotel, Gramercy Park Hotel, and the Modern Honolulu.  Ian was also a co-founder of Studio 54, which is basically all I need to know about him to know I'd adore him.  He enlisted Yabu Pushelberg to help with the interior design.  The lobby features marble floors and columns covered in gold mosaic tiles.  Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten heads up the The Matador Room restaurant in the hotel, where the grilled Maine lobster is supposedly to die for.

And how delicious do these crunchy potato nuggets look?

There are 294 hotel rooms total at the Edition, including 23 suites.  Each room features teak wood panels, light-hued upholstery, and a minibar chock full of gourmet goods- including face masks!

{Premiere Bungalow Ocean View Suite}

The hotel also boasts 6,500 square meters of private beach access and a cheeky nearby space called The Sandbox where guests can lounge in hammocks:

{The Sandbox}

In addition to hotel rooms, the Edition also offers 26 permanent residences. My parents are on the hunt for a good vacation home property, and I've been pushing them to consider Miami.  How cool would it be to own a residence at a place like the Edition?  You'd be able to enjoy all the benefits of staying at a normal hotel like room service, constant beach access, and someone to clean your "home" every day. Plus, most realtors say condo hotel investments are smart-  because during the time you're not residing at the hotel residence, you can easily book out your room to earn back part of the fee. 

If that isn't enough, the Edition's basement features a bowling alley, ice skating rink, and a dance club.  I've had friends go and say they had a blast.  So... who wants to book an impromptu Miami trip with me?!

Happy Friday, everyone!

{Images via Mr. and Mrs. Smith}

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday's Worthy Links- 4.21.17

Friday's Worthy Links:

-11 Times HBO's Girls Totally Nailed It. - A Cup of Jo

-Good riddance, Bill O'Reilly.  This did make me laugh. - The Onion

-Sesame Street just introduced a new muppet, Julia, who has autism.  This video gives me hope for our future. -Good Morning America

-The Voices that Live in My Head. -Mari Andrew

-I've been wanting to splurge on a pair of Annie Costello Brown earrings for some time now- and Bradley might've convinced me! -Luella & June

-Life hack:  How to do it tomorrow rather than never. -Raptitude

-I've been binge-watching all 5 seasons of Veep these past few months in preparation for season 6 that started last Sunday.  This show is hilarious and easily one of my current favorites- one of my favorite scenes came in season 3 when Selina first learns she will become the next President. -YouTube

-Loved seeing my bestie Gab's 280-square foot apartment featured on My Domaine. -My Domaine

-Having a serious love fest with t-shirts that say funny things- like this, and this.

-Besides t-shirts, this off-the-shoulder top could be dressed up or down, and this one would go with anything. - Nordstrom

{image above via Elle Decor- I'm so ready for pool season!}

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sam Loves: 21

Sam Loves: 21

1.) A bright, happy bedroom design by Robin Henry Design.

2.) I'm coveting these denim espadrilles from Anthropologie- they're a great summer version of this Chanel pair.

3.) 18" x 18" Dot Pillow in Indigo, $47, by One Kings Lane

4.) Loving this red leather duffle, $120, by Mahi Leather.  It'd be perfect for weekend travel this summer.  Their monogrammed accessories collection would also make great Mother's Day/Father's Day presents.

5.) I recently became acquainted with Alabama-based jewelry company Ex Voto.  Founded by Elizabeth Adams, Ex Voto pieces combine antique elements with semi-precious stones, crystals, and pearls.  I'm crazy about their Vintage Collar Necklace in Matte Gold & I also love that a percentage of the proceeds from each sale benefit pediatric brain cancer research.

6.) Next on my "must try" list for Manhattan restaurants is Daily Provisions, a new cafe & bakery by Danny Meyer that has opened up near Union Square.  The exterior design is lovely.

7.) My mom was wearing these Kay Slide Sandals, $27.99, while I was home this past weekend, and I fell in love with them.  They are pretty comfy, too.

8.) J. McLaughlin is killing the summer handbag game this year.  I specifically adore their Angela navy clutch

Happy Tuesday!



Monday, April 17, 2017

3 Things I'm Here For

This past weekend I was home visiting my family in Oklahoma, and Sunday morning I drove  my mom's car to get a latte.  She had her radio set to the Sports Animal and because I couldn't figure out how to change the damn channel to Alt Nation, I finally relented and listened to what they were discussing (Russell Westbrook of course).  One of the guest speakers was discussing everything "he wasn't here for", including people arguing Westbrook wasn't as efficient of a player as other MVP candidates.  The conversation reminded me of one of my favorite YouTube personalities, KrissyChula, and a video she made about 5 things she "isn't here for."  I think it's funny and interesting to hear what situations and little things in life can make people tick, and thought I'd do a post on my own personal "3 things I'm not here for."  But the more I thought about it, I felt like everything was pretty inconsequential and that it would be more effective to turn it in to 3 things I AM here for.  Like white queso and Mexican martinis... because I am DEFINITELY here for that.

3 things I'm here for...

1.) Doing work I'm proud of and that makes me happy to get up each day.

{a photo of my Houston bar cart from Style Me Pretty}

Design isn't so much a job or career to me as it is a full-blown passion.  If I wasn't making money as a decorator, I'd still be spending all my free time scouring design books, design blogs, and design magazines.  I'd still be schlepping lampshades and throw pillows from the Upper East Side Housing Works back to my apartment and rearranging them 50,000 times.  The idea of retiring doesn't even really appeal to me.  Because if I retired, I'd still just want to design stuff.  It's in my blood, and I should've seen it from the get-go when I was rearranging my room every few months at the age of 7 and going with my mom to estate sales most weekends.  Nonetheless, I'm thankful for my job even more because it took me a bit of time (and another degree) to get to this place.  SO... if you have a side hustle or a small passion in your heart, and you really love the idea of doing it full-time but are scared to take that first step- just know I've been there.  It's a scary (but exciting) place to be, and I really believe life is too short to not be excited about what you're doing for a living.  Don't stay somewhere just for the steady paycheck and benefits package.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday's Worthy Links

I'm back in Oklahoma City visiting family and friends for Easter this weekend.  It's so nice to be home and the weather is pretty perfect.  Today my niece and I are going to have a tea party and later we're all going to dinner as a family.  I'm excited to spend the weekend relaxing and unwinding, and also watching my niece and nephew hunt for eggs!

{2 Easters ago with my niece, Lily}

A few noteworthy links for your weekend...

-So thrilled to see my friend Christy's NoHo office space featured on domino.  If you're a fan of Miles Redd like I am, you might be interested to know her space is directly below his townhouse.  The space is bright and cheery, just like her custom flower crowns. - domino

-Love Leontine Linens custom monogrammed towels, but don't love the steep price tag?  Number Four Eleven offers adorable alternatives.  I love the tassels on this set. -Number Four Eleven, as seen in House Beautiful

-We are 3 weeks away from the 2017 Kips Bay Decorator Show House opening here in Manhattan, benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Kips Bay.  This show house is definitely the best and most well-known of them all, and I can't wait to see what Nick Olsen and Robert Stilin, two of my favorites, come up with in their rooms.  You can see a full list of the designers participating this year here. - Kips Bay Decorator Show House

-Hilarious New United Airlines Mottos - Marie Claire

-Equinox plans to remove all mirrors from their gyms over the next 3 months.  Here's why. - Yahoo News

-This poem has really been speaking to me lately. - GW English News

-I've always loved the Cookie Monster, and I found his article in this week's New Yorker incredibly sharp. - The New Yorker

-Good news!  Shopbop is offering 20% off all orders with code EVENT17 at checkout, and 25% off orders over $500!  I'm dying for this summer tote, these tassel earrings (as well as these), this, and this.

Happy Easter and Happy Weekend!



Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gearing Up

Happy Hump Day!  Last week I experienced my first New York sample sale and it reminded me of one of my favorite Sex and the City episodes. Carrie gets held up at gunpoint for her Manolo Blahniks and attempts to reason with the gunman-  "Please sir, they're my favorite pair... and I got them half-price at a sample sale!"  I had no idea what I was stepping in to when I visited the Bandier sample sale on Fifth Avenue & 29th Street last Friday, but I now understand the hype.  First, you are ushered inside and immediately must check your bag and coat.  Keep in mind, it was 40 degree weather and I had my workout tank on underneath my puffer jacket.  I shivered as I joined the masses scouring rack after rack of covetable athleisure at 80% off the marked price.  I will say, it was well worth the chaos.  I scored this bra and this bra (love the phrase), these shorts, and this tank as well as a pair of yoga pants all for $140 total.  

{Not me, I wish!  Sjana Earp posing in Bandier}

In truth, I've never been one to shell out a bunch of cash on workout clothes, and if it weren't for the insanely marked down prices, I probably would never have purchased anything.  But, I'm trying to get back in to a regular workout routine and cute clothes seem to make barre class a tiny bit more appealing.  I've been doing a mix of Soul Cycle & Pure Barre about 4 times a week to gear up for the summer and for a big birthday I have next fall (3-0! )  Bandier definitely is a higher-end athleisure brand,  but I also love Nordstrom and Target for more reasonable prices:

Cross-Back Bra $65/Namaste Beaches Tank $42/Ameilia Two-Way Crop Top $60/Nike "Modern Tempo" Embossed Shorts $40/Snakeskin Union Tights $110/Target High-Waisted Tights $14.99/Nike Free Run Running Shoes $100/

I discovered that sample sale dressing rooms are like your morning commute on the subway- everyone is an equal participant in a less-than-ideal arrangement and there is zero privacy.  The "dressing room" was one large space curtained off from the rest of the sale with mirrors along one wall.  All of us women were huddled in to the space undressing in front of one another, giving each other cheerful compliments.  "Girl, that looks amazing on you!!"  "Here, do you need help with that zipper?"  

It was definitely a quintessential New York experience!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Lampshade Love

Lampshades are one of the last details considered when furnishing a space, but I find they are one of the most fun elements to create.  Choosing a fabric, a lining, a type of pleat, and a trim or two to complement the style seems like a lot of specifications to make for such a small piece- but the finished look truly can transform an entire room!  The master of lampshade design in my book is Jeffrey Bilhuber:

Above he is pictured next to a blue shirred lampshade with a small offset black trim.  Delicious.

"I like anything that requires detailed, creative attention, especially lampshades. To some, a lampshade is just a lampshade... to me, it's a whole microcosm of form, function and craftsmanship… In a word, take extra time when selecting lampshades, as these details can transform a room from dull to delightful." 

Amen, Jeffrey.  Amen!

Adding a trim to a normal paper or linen shade can up the ante just a bit as well without making the shade feel too formal, like Bilhuber did on the shade shown above.

Below, Virginia designer Charlotte Lucas added a sassy coral trim to these swing-arm sconces in her daughter's room, which tie in nicely with the piping on the daybed:

While it might read more traditional, I adore tightly pleated shades.  They are fun to see in bright colors or even in a patterned fabric. 

Loosening the pleats also loosens the formality a bit.  Amy Berry did a lovely box-pleat sconce shade in her client's home library.  The trim appears to be a black leather, which makes the shade feel a tad more masculine.  I dig it!

A box-pleat pair of silk shades, styled by Miles Redd:

My favorite custom lampshade seamstress here in the city is Sue Wellott of Shades from the Midnight Sun.  Sue does exquisite work and can create almost anything you envision.  She's currently making me a shade out of Rebecca Atwood's Dashes in Pale Marine fabric to match my bedskirt- I can't wait to see how it turns out!  The style will mimic this shade I saw in Vaughan Design's showroom at the D&D Building:

If you'd rather not spend the money on custom but love the idea of a unique lampshade, here are a few pretty retail options (although, this first one is still a bit pricey):

Anthropologie and Etsy also have several cute shade options in a variety of textures and patterns.  I'm also dying over the Bunny Williams Home options on One Kings Lane:

Happy shade shopping!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday's Worthy Links- 4.7.17

A few noteworthy articles and fun links to get you through the weekend...

Friday's Worthy Links:

-Digging the details of this Manhattan Pre-War apartment.  I'd love to live in that kid's bunk room!  -Architectural Digest

-Jenna Lyons is leaving her post as president and executive creative director of J. Crew after 26 years.  The new creative director, Somsack Sikhounmuongwill no longer oversee all the intricate details Jenna did, like the store design and brand image.  I'm a bit sad because I loved how Jenna made each store feel like a visual experience, all the way down to the art books strewn throughout and the gallery walls behind the cash registers. It's the end of an era, and the New York Times had an interesting outlook on the change.  -The New York Times

-My new favorite account to stalk for visual inspiration.  -Instagram

-This is me right now, completely. -Man Repeller

-I can't stand the cuteness- tiny ballet dancers. - The New York Times

-An affordable alternative to those Gucci loafers we've all been loving. -Steve Madden

-Crushing hard on Caitlin Wilson's new line of rugs, especially this guy.  He'd work great as a door mat or bath mat in the 2' x 3' size, too! -domino 

-I'm excited for another summer in the Hamptons, and want a cute one-piece for afternoons by the pool.  I love this option by Becca Prairie Rose, and think this t-shirt is hilarious, too. - Nordstrom

Happy Weekend, everyone!



{image above via Alpana Deshmukh}

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Currently Coveting: Stripes

Yesterday I was up in New England for work and it reminded me of the preppy east coast vibes I've come to love living in NYC for the last year and a half.  You can't take a summer Hamptons trip without seeing a plethora of striped motifs- from shop awnings, to the outdoor bars, to the boat-neck tee and white jean uniform most socialites don- stripes are everywhere.  Now that the sun is back in New York and I think we've officially shed the winter, I'm in a stripes kind of mood...

Shop Stripes:

Flynn Wingback Bed $845/Right-Side Midi Wrap Dress $59.95/Rebecca Atwood Fabrics- Painted Stripe in Stone Gray and Tangerine & Ombre Stripe in Tangerine ($145 & 124/yard)/Set of 4 Indigo Stripe Napkins $19.95/Tory Burch Shaw Espadrilles $150/ Coral Drops $36/Blair 22" x 22" Mauve Striped Pillow $135/J. Crew Embroidered Tie-Front Dress $75/Striped Handbag $59/

In my Soul Cycle class yesterday when we were in a particularly tough part of the class, our teacher yelled "You guys!!! We made it through the f**king winter!"  And I swear I felt *truly* accomplished to have survived yet another October-March in the northeast.

Happy Thursday, lovers.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Matchy Matchy

When I got back from Indianapolis this past weekend, I immediately delved in to the stack of shelter mags that were waiting in the mail.  I subscribe to House Beautiful and Elle Decor  (as well as the New Yorker and Elle), and between those 4 publications I have plenty of reading material for short subway rides.  I'd love to subscribe to more, but tend to be a bit anal about reading each cover to cover and it'd probably stress me out more than anything to have additional "required" reading (thanks dad for passing on the OCD).   I first skimmed the pages of April's House Beautiful, and it's definitely one of my favorite issues to date.  There is an 8-page spread on a drool-worthy New York pied-a-terre Markham Roberts designed for a west coast couple who travels to the city frequently for fun weekends. The saturated colors, mix of hard and soft textures, and the balance of the delicate with the masculine is so apparent here:

One of my favorite things about Markham Roberts is his unabashed use of one pattern throughout a room.  While the idea of this could scare off even the most seasoned of designers, he's done it several times in his work and I love it.  The master bedroom of this pied-à-terre is covered in a mix of similar Lake August fabrics.  The bed and vanity chair are upholstered in Half Moon and the curtains are in Brink of Summer.  While the idea might seem over-the-top, Markham says "the layers of blue and white patterns can actually be coherent and calming... because the prints are unified in scale and color."

The matchy-matchy feel of this bedroom got me thinking about other interiors I've seen that utilize one central fabric throughout the space on everything from the walls to the furniture to the lampshades.   While this was a popular trend in the 80s, it's been considered a bit "stuffy" in more recent years and you don't see it that often.  It also reads very traditional.  Nonetheless, some very popular decorators in addition to Roberts are making the look cool again.  They're being so overt with the matchy-ness that you can't help but admire the bravery:

An ode to toile by Mimi Mendelson:

Australian designer Cameron Kimber utilized a small-scale geometric print throughout this bedroom and even mixed it with a few other fabrics in the same color family.  My favorite detail of this room is the shape of the canopy on the bed:

Brunschwig and Fils Les Touches is up near the top of my "all-time favorite" fabrics list.  It's timeless and charming, and looks incredibly chic throughout the guest bedroom of Michael S. Smith's Palm Springs home.  I'm planning to spend my 30th birthday in Palm Springs next fall, so Michael- if you see this- let me know if you want to open this fab guest room up to yours truly.  I'm a phenomenal guest. 

Have a great week!



Monday, April 3, 2017

Back from Sabbatical

I'm officially back from sabbatical.  Did you miss me?  I completely abandoned the blog for an entire month with no explanation, and I sincerely apologize for that.  Every blog seminar I've ever been to stresses the importance of posting consistently and authentically, and here I am leaving you hanging for 30+ days.  But let me make it up to you by being authentic and sharing where I've been!

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