Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mimosa Lane Pillow Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to our lucky winner #5, Clayton Kelly, for winning a pair of throw pillows from Mimosa Lane's Etsy shop!  You lucky girl, you.

Thank you all for entering, and a BIG thank you to Albertina for hosting such a fun giveaway!


Dreaming of Paris

I can't stop fantasizing about catching a flight to Paris.  Something about the city is so enchanting.  From the delightful Laduree macaroons to strolling down the Champs-Élysées to charming Montmarte, I am certain my love affair with Paris is shared by many of you.  If I had the pleasure of escaping there again this summer, I'd hope to don a chic ensemble similar to this:

Shop This Board:

Cateye Sunglasses $500/J Crew Tortoise Shell Bracelet $58/Marc by Marc Jacobs silk blouse $198/Barney's Cire Truden Matches $16/J Crew Striped Linen Shorts $65/Chanel Classic Flap Bag $Price Upon Request/Charlotte Olympia Oh La La! Flats $725

{All photography above  by Ines Amd}

Where are you dreaming of escaping to?  

PS-  Happy Birthday to my boyfriend Sam- welcome to your 30s babe!

Monday, April 29, 2013

White Kitchens: Marble vs. Quartzite

Hello, hello!  I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.  We enjoyed our little weekend getaway to Austin for the Lumineers concert, and managed to carry the fun through to Sunday evening.  I'm in need of a bit of relaxation after such an intense few days, so I thought I'd focus on calming white kitchens- a favorite topic of mine!

Right now, all-white kitchens are very popular.  I have always loved them, as my favorite color is white, but designers are really taking this monochromatic palette to another level with interesting details.  Carrara marble (as shown in the picture above) is a breathtaking counter option.  In my dream kitchen all the cabinetry would be Carrara marble:

 However, marble is THE most high-maintenance stone.  Anything acidic (wine, coffee, basically all the good stuff) will stain.  So if you like to cook or have young children you may want to re-think marble kitchen counters!   If you love the pristine white look but don't want to deal with the maintenance, a good alternative is quartzite.  Princess-white quartzite looks quite similar to Carrera marble but has a durability closer to granite:

As always, remember when selecting your marble or quartzite in a showroom or store that unless you see the actual slabs you want to purchase, veining and color can vary in each piece of stone.  They aren't artificial, they're the real deal created by Mother Nature, and come from a quarry, like this one in Carrara, Italy:

Pretty amazing , no??  

So what's your take on kitchens- do you love the all-white look like me or are you over it? What would your dream kitchen look like?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy + Bright Wishlist

TGIF!!  I hope you have had a fab week.  I accomplished a lot both at work and at school and also managed to get out of that traffic ticket (yay!) so my week was a success.  Any fun weekend plans? We are headed to Austin tonight to celebrate my boyfriend Sam's 30th birthday and see the Lumineers in concert.  I stopped in to Zara this week to look for a fun dress for the weekend and fell in love with these glitter heels!  So impractical for an outdoor concert, but aren't they amazzzzing??  I've got to find an excuse to buy them.  I also found a new favorite site that offers unique and original art for sale like this colorful abstract by Mary Ann Wakely.  Can you tell I've been on an art kick lately?

Shop This Board:

Tangerine Gourd Vase $20/Diane von Furstenburg Beres Crepe Dress $298/Les Ventes de Printemps Painting $450/Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings $52/Ikat iPad Sleeve $18/Zara Ankle Heels $79.90/Beverly Ottoman $350/Natural Jewelry & Watch Box $170

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to enter the Mimosa Lane throw pillow giveaway- only a few short days left!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Home Style I Love: Hanna Seabrook

I try my best not to "re-post" articles or features from other websites that I assume many of you have already seen.  However, in rare occasions I see something too good not to re-share.  When I eyed graphic designer Hanna Seabrook's home tour on The Glitter Guide, my heart leapt.   I love the traditional bones of the home (built-in bookshelves, a charming fireplace) mixed with a whimsical, southern aesthetic. Hanna mixed in antique pieces and quirky accessories throughout the home for the perfect mix of old and collected with a fresh feel:

I am so drawn to the abstract Sally King Benedict canvas above the fireplace.

Hanna in her adorable office space, where she creates her trademark pretty streamlined designs.

I am so impressed by Hanna's ability to curate a gorgeous palette throughout her home.  Everything flows well and reflects her unique graphic design style.  Love it to pieces!!  Great job lady.

{Photography by Olivia Rae James for The Glitter Guide}

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Color-Coded Bookshelf

Hello, hello!  We made it to Wednesday, my loves.  And somewhat unscathed, perhaps?  Fun fact about me- I am in court this morning trying to get out of a traffic ticket!  The police officer said to me, "Since you have been so nice, I'm giving you this ticket, but appear in court on X date and I will tell the judge to dismiss it."  How about that?!  I was so thankful. Let's just hope the cop shows up!  Ok enough about my traffic tendencies, let's move on to brighter things.  Like a color-coded bookshelf.  I. Need. One.  In fact, I will be vulnerable with you and tell you I have written it down on my "bucket list" to one day have a beautiful built-in full of books organized in every color.

It must take a long time to collect enough books, don't you think?  What if you want this look right now?  Fret not!  I have a solution.  Strand sells color-coded books by the foot to decorate your shelf.  Brilliant idea, no?  
Send me good thoughts today and prayers to the traffic gods that I get out of my ticket!
XOXO, Sam 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Floral Favorites

Every spring I look forward to fresh flowers.  I have a magnolia tree outside my front window that sprouts beautifully this time of year and provides the best eye candy as I come down my front stairs.  I also can't help but pick up a fresh bouquet of florals at my local Central Market each week.  That's why I fell in love with the still life floral paintings of Kate Mullin when I came across her portfolio.  The rich brush strokes and vibrant color are to die for.  And who can resist a courset-style swimsuit?  Not I.  Here's my latest batch of pink tulips, sitting pretty on my dresser:

Happiness in a vase, no?

Shop The Floral Board:

Pink & Pale Zinnias by Kate Mullin $320/Corsetiere Swimsuit $175/Flower Button Earrings $165/DL Rhein Embroidered Pillow $70/Vintage Red Floral Passport Cover $10

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mimosa Lane Pillow Giveaway!

Another Monday, another fun giveaway!  Who doesn't love throw pillows?  I myself have pledged to work for payment in pillows before here.  So when my girl Albertina of Mimosa Lane proposed giving away 2 of her fabulous throw pillows from her shop to a reader, I was ecstatic.  

G I V E A W A Y  D E T A I L S :
To enter to win 2 throw pillows from Mimosa Lane,  all you need to do is leave a comment on this post letting me know what your favorite pillow is from her shop, and please include your email address.

 For extra entries, you can:

  • Follow Albertina's blog
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  • You can also tweet about the giveaway, mentioning @peakofteschic and @mimosalane and linking to this post in your tweet!

 *Be sure to leave a comment each time you do one of the above!  This giveaway ends Monday, April 29, at midnight. Good luck and have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Muse Apparel $150 Giftcard Giveaway Winner!

Congrats, Grace!  I hope you love spending your $150 with Muse Apparel.  

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway.  I've got another good one coming tomorrow courtesy of Mimosa Lane!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Client Bedroom Zhush

TGIF!!!  It's Friday!!  I'm so excited for 3 specific reasons...what are they you ask?  This morning I am off to finish a living room install where we will be utilizing this gorgeous Surya Frontier flatweave (yay!):

I am also excited because this afternoon I get to attend a lecture on Picasso's Guernica painting and the politics of modern art at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston.  A bit nerdy, I know.  I have quite an obsessive fascination with Picasso and his work.  If you live in Houston, you must must must go see the Picasso exhibit going on now at the museum.

And lastly, I am giddy today because I finally bit the bullet and purchased this Prada beauty.  I've looked at this very bag on at least 20 separate occasions, dreamed about it, pined for it, etc.... so I almost kissed the sales lady when she handed it over. I'm thrilled!  Last night I cuddled with it:

Ok, now on to the topic du jour:  a client bedroom zhush!   This client is in my hometown of Edmond, OK so I've mainly been helping her and her husband from afar.  You may recall I shared a peek of their newly installed dining room this past Monday.   Well now it is on to the master.  The couple has purchased most of their bedroom furniture already, but are just needing help revamping it and making it a little more "interesting."  They have a black tufted headboard that works well with a black floor mirror, a mirrored dresser and a tufted accent chair in ivory.  The feel is very glamorous; however, there is no true focal point or play of color to draw you in.  I wanted to keep that regal feel but add in touches of bolder color to make the room dynamic:

  This elegant chandelier in a belgium white finish would add to the overall aesthetic in a romantic way.  Isn't it interesting that making small adjustments to a space can truly transform the look?

Happy Friday all!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Elegant + Soft Bedroom Design

Happy Thursday!  I hope you all are having a great week.  I have been seemingly productive and less scatter-brained than normal lately, so that's definitely a plus.  Hopefully I can stay at it!  I have had the privilege of working with a young couple here in Houston over the past few months to redesign their townhome.  We are finishing the living room as we speak, and are planning to move on to the master bedroom next.  For the master, we are pretty much starting with a clean slate.  They would like a soft bedroom, with mirrored touches and an elegant feel.  They just welcomed a baby boy in to their family, so designing a restful retreat for the new parents is what we're after!  Here's what's in the inspiration file:

Since the master bedroom design isn't yet in "full force,"  I'm taking this opportunity to begin brainstorming and putting together a palette.  Here's my first design board:

I love the calming colors and the soft textures in the items I pulled here.  It almost has a coastal vibe to it, but with a luxe twist.  Before the project is over I'm sure you'll see many other ideas put together for this room.

What's the feel of your bedroom?  Dramatic, plush, or more restful?  I'd love to know!
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