Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday's Worthy Links 02.15.18

What a week.  We all survived Valentine's Day, I'm hoping?   Does anyone else feel that Valentine's Day, while well-intentioned, quickly turns in to a pis*ing contest on social media to prove your significant other gives the best presents?  Honestly every time I opened instagram I had to roll my eyes and quickly close the app.  And this comes from a girl who's boyfriend did actually give her a pretty spectacular Valentine's Day. :)  But then, to close out the week, we learn of another school shooting in Florida- where a single student killed at least 17 people.  It's hard to know what the right thing is to say after this kind of tragedy, but I am certain the answer isn't just "thoughts and prayers" for the families.  It's this kind of empathy, but coupled with action.  Donate to every town or better yet the Stoneman Douglas Victims' Fund, and then contact your members of congress and urge them to act on sensible gun control legislation.  I think Cleo Wade said it best: "It should be hard as hell to get a gun.  Period." 

To balance out my angst, I thought it appropriate to post a lovely photo of Jane Scott Hodge's living room, originally featured here.  And now, on to weekend links...

Friday's Worthy Links:

The United States of guns- a required read for all Americans.  This is very informative, too.

A billionaire's daily breakfast allowance.  Now I'm dying to watch his documentary.

So proud of my friend Kimberly on the purchase of her NY apartment!  She shares the deets on how she saved up for her downpayment (in one of the most expensive cities in the world) here.

I hate to admit it, but I'm pretty smitten over Nicky Hilton's NoHo apartment tour

Rebecca de Ravenel, drop-earring designer extraordinaire, unveiled a fall 2018 ready-to-wear clothing collection- and I wish I could purchase this, this and this.

At a more practical price point, I'm lusting after thisthisthis, and this. Nordstrom currently has a 40% off winter sale happening, & Ann Taylor Loft is offering 50% off their sale items

Here's to a restful and relaxing weekend, filled with love.  



Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Color Punch

Two recent discoveries of mine have put me in a mood for c-o-l-o-r and more color.  The first is discovering the portfolio of London-based interior designer Antonia Stewart.  Her work is certainly not devoid of bright, bold, hues used creatively.  I particularly love this powder bath she designed with the walls covered in Penguin classics:

Also note the toilet paper dispenser, disguised as a vintage camera.  How cool is that?  Another favorite space of mine that Antonia created was this master bath with a coral pink tub:

My other recent colorful discovery was Ashley Whittaker's latest project, which graces the pages of House Beautiful this month:

Monday, February 12, 2018

V-Day Wishes

I think we can collectively agree Valentine's Day is a little silly.  Is it really necessary to set aside a particular day  just so we all remember to love each other well?  I don't think so.  That being said, I've always been a willing participant in celebrating the holiday- whether I've been single or in a relationship.  One of my favorite V-day memories was meeting up with a group of my single girlfriends to drink margaritas and eat Mexican food - in true Leslie Knope Galentine's Day fashion. I'm also always willing to partake in a holiday that gives me an excuse to polish up my wish list.  Here are a few things I think would make great gifts for the holiday of love:

Shop Valentine's Wishes:

1.) Shapes Earrings in Retro Pink $23/

2.) The Allure of Women $60/

3.) Tie Front Minidress $80-  also love this one.

4.) Cashmere Crewneck $75/

5.) Stacked Heel Boot $35/

6.) Falling Hearts PJ Set $120this is cute, too!

7.) Hermes Twilly perfume $79/

8.) Maddy Mule $70/

9.) Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Leather Crossbody Bag $195/

Cheers to what I hope is a great Valentine's Day!  I wish I could buy you all 2 large Valentine's gorillas from CVS (like I did on this day in 2015):



Thursday, February 8, 2018

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Rattan

How is everyone’s week going?  Yesterday evening I went to a very insightful talk at MNDFL given by Sharon Salzberg about mindful connection.  I’ve been to a few meditation classes at MINDFL and have always gotten so much out of each one.  They have a studio in the Upper East Side (which I usually go to) but also have a location in Greenwich Village and Williamsburg.  Last night’s talk was at the Greenwich Village studio and Sharon spoke about her new book, Real Love.  It felt like an appropriate discussion during the month of love and I've added it to my reading list after hearing her speak.   Today I wanted to discuss a material I love-  rattan.  Rattan is the thin, pliable stems of a palm.  It is often woven together to construct furniture in a variety of styles.  Woven construction in general has become popular again over the past year as woven handbags have been all the rage ( I personally can't get enough of these).   I love the ease and relaxation rattan furniture naturally evokes.  It's Cali boho at it's best:

Just a few rattan pieces I am loving right now...

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Rattan 
(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

1.) Handmade White Rattan Handbag, $63/

2.) Rattan Table Lamp, $129/

3.) Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table, $798

4.) Woven Malawi Chair, $399/

5.) Round Rattan Placemat, $28/

6.) Pari Rattan Daybed, $998/

7.) Yala Mirror, $198/

8.) Caterina Chair, $898/

9.) Flynn Single Wall Sconce, $228/

Monday, February 5, 2018

Sam Loves: 28

Sam Loves: 28 (from top to bottom, left to right):

1.) All hail the stunning style of Alexa Chung.  She's truly one of my style icons for her innate beauty, wit, and charm.

2.) Digging Anthropologie's Oscarine Lucite Stool, on sale now.  

3.) Jeans, white blouses and velvet block heels via Adenorah's instagram.

4.) A small bag having a big moment:  The Chloe Nile Minaudière Leather Crossbody Bag.

5.) The Scalloped Snap Skirt in Black (also love the denim version) is adorable and would be perfect over tights with boots.

6.) As Valentine's Day approaches, I'm feeling this quote.  

8.) Pretty Fay Andara Earrings from Clare V.

Happy Monday lovelies!  I hope it's a great week for all.



Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday's Worthy Links 02.04.18

If, like me, you couldn't care less about the Super Bowl, then let me provide a distraction for you tonight with a few Sunday links.   It's become really important to me to spend a chunk of my weekend exploring something new, writing a bit, and allowing myself to indulge in a little creativity.  Whether it's trying a new restaurant, checking out a new art exhibit somewhere here in the city, allowing myself to relax and read a bit (I'm reading this now, next on the list is this this and this), or simply researching a new topic for the blog, it revitalizes me and gets me excited and prepped for a new week. 

Sunday's Worthy Links:

-A love ballad to your therapist.

-Let a "Human Uber" live your life so you don't have to.

-I agree with this wholeheartedly.

-I've been a big fan of the Tim Ferriss Podcast for a few years now.  I find almost every episode I listen to fascinating and I always take away bits of value from each speaker.  There are so many nuggets of truth in each episode that are applicable to all of our lives, so I highly recommend checking it out!  I listened to this podcast episode today and loved it.  

-Loving the floral bedroom shown above designed by Peter Marino, featuring linens by D. Porthault.

-Interesting opinion piece on The Man Repeller:  I didn't realize love was supposed to be kind of boring

-Nordstrom's new arrivals are particular great lately- love these, this, and this.

-The gift of the Good-Enough Mother.

Happy Sunday my friends.



Thursday, February 1, 2018

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Burl Wood

Thank God February finally came!  Does anyone else feel like January was never going to end?  What a depressing month.  A few of my close friends have birthdays in February, and the month is short anyway- so before we know it, it’ll be March and nearly springtime!  While it’s still cold outside (especially in Manhattan), I thought it’d be appropriate to talk about one of my favorite warm materials to decorate with - burl wood.  Burl wood furniture is different from normal wood furniture because it has that lovely, swirled look to it.  While most wood for furniture construction  is cut in a long, linear manner from a tree trunk, burl wood is different.  Occasionally, a gnarly looking growth will appear on a tree’s trunk as the result of the tree undergoing some sort of stress- typically insect infestation or mold.  Cute, right?  But, the beauty inside once the burl is cut is fascinating.  The normally straight-running grains of the tree go crazy inside the burl, twisting and turning to create all sorts of irregular and interesting patterns.  Burl is fabulous because it has such a rich, layered look to it and adds pretty depth to a space.  I believe mixing colors and materials appropriately is what gives a space warmth and interest.  Adding in a piece of burl wood furniture undoubtedly gives a space that bit of “oomph” we all crave:

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