Bios are cheesy and all sound the same to me.  So where should I begin?

I've been sharing inspiration and penning this blog since the summer of 2011.  The impetuses were a boring desk job, an overactive imagination, and a new apartment to decorate.

What ultimately came of this small little corner of the internet was an entirely new career path,  lifelong friends, occasional oversharing, two cross-country moves, but most importantly- my own voice.

I do wish I had the time and energy to write blog posts with abandon like I once did, sharing almost daily.  But the ROI isn't there, and I can't stomach the corny partnerships and ad sponsorships, so now I take my time and share when I'm feeling particularly inspired.  

I've been lucky to work as an interior designer and project manager under several notable principal designers who have sharpened my eye and challenged me to see the world differently.  I also credit them with teaching me the skills necessary to execute large-scale creative projects with several moving parts in a timely and organized manner.   Glamorous this job is not, although appearances would make you think so.  Sometimes when I'm sweating in August heat as I watch a one-of-a-kind mohair sofa get damaged at move in I think to myself, "WHY AM I DOING THIS FOR A LIVING, AGAIN?!?"  

Then I get a decorative paint sample from an artist in Brooklyn, or I see a shirred lampshade with a contrast trim come out beautifully, or we show a family their newly-decorated home.... and I remember what it's all about.  That certain something you feel when you are surrounded by things you love.

As Anais Nin once said, "Luxury isn't a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are."  I believe in the beauty of handmade, handwoven, hand stitched, and hand-built.   

I hope you'll continue following along as I share sparingly those things I find moving- whether it be a piece of art, a museum, a restaurant, or a travel destination.  

And yes, I am aware my headshots need updating, as I am (sadly) no longer 27.  



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