Samantha Penner is the founder and editor of the style blog, The Peak of Très Chic, where she explores her love of good design, fashion, entertaining, travel, and pieces of her own life.

The Peak of Très Chic was founded in the summer of 2011, when Sam was overwhelmed by a newfound passion for interior design.  Having gone to school to pursue a Bachelors degree in Energy Management, and working in the oil and gas industry full-time, Sam needed a place to express her creativity.  As a means to develop her aesthetic and explore her budding passion, The Peak of Très Chic was launched.  Not too long after, she made the decision to leave her current career path in order to begin another one- this time, in interior design.

Although Sam attended university in the midwest, she studied abroad twice- first at Oxford University in England, and then once again in Madrid, Spain.  It was during her travels abroad that Sam truly honed her eye for design by visiting local galleries, museums, and taking in the architectural wonders of different cultures.

Today, Sam works as an interior designer for Markham Roberts Inc. and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.  She does her best to continue sharing her passions with readers weekly on The Peak of Très Chic.  When she isn't blogging or working, you can find Sam scouring design stores, enjoying a cocktail, quoting Oscar Wilde or planning her next weekend escape.
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