Thursday, August 9, 2018

Designer Crush: Elizabeth Bauer Design

The studio image that took the design world by storm- Elizabeth Bauer's NY apartment featured in a 2010 issue of Lonny Magazine was a show-stopper:

From the Rose Cummings "Zebrine" wallpaper, to the dramatic tufted headboard + mirrored ceiling combo, to those coral pleated shades- it was a stunning mix.  And the vibrancy didn't stop there- below is a linear image of Bauer's studio apartment, showing more pattern and color.

I remember being so drawn in by the unabashed mix - I now know personally how hard it can be to merge function with beauty in a small one-room studio.  

A few days ago, I haphazardly came across Elizabeth's instagram and was reminded how much I adore her style.  Here are a few particularly inspiring snaps:

{headboard design in a punchy pink ikat}

Glossy green tiles bring to life this stunning kitchen that's in work:

Inspired by this custom nautical headboard Elizabeth thought up for a beach house:

A shower curtain in a Flat Vernacular textile to match the wallpapered bath walls:

To me, what makes a great designer stand out from a good one is the meticulous attention to detail- the removal of the obvious and the addition of the meaningful.  And Elizabeth does just that. 

She  also has an antique and home goods store on Nantucket called Store No. 2.  I plan to stop in and check it out when I'm on the island for Labor Day.

See more of her work on her website here.



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