Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tom Scheerer's New Book: More Decorating

I've admired Tom Scheerer's laid-back, all-American approach to decorating for years.  Although I've never met him in person, he seems very down-to-earth and approachable, even while being innately stylish and wildly successful.  I devoured his first coffee table book and love any time a new project of his is splashed across the pages of a shelter mag.   To me, a truly talented interior designer is capable of creating so much more than just a pretty room- if trusted, they can bring out the soul of a homeowner or family through the aesthetics they carefully create.  To me, Tom Scheerer does just that.   So, when Vendome recently sent me  an advance copy of Scheerer's second book, More Decorating, I was thrilled:

Behind the glossy book jacket is a chic rattan print:

I first leafed through the pages on a subway ride downtown, and viewing each of the 16 projects featured was a delight.  Read on to see a few of my favorite rooms...

Monday, September 2, 2019

Labor Day Whites

Post Labor Day this year, I say we throw caution (and convention) to the wind and don all the whites we want to.    Cateye glasses? Why not.  Puka shell necklaces? In the right context.... why not. Popped white collars?  Again... in the right context, why not?  This girl's ensemble nails all three:

While I'm prone to love a good splash of color, the simplicity of an all-white interior can create a chic jumping off point for decorative elements- like art, rugs, or accessories-  to really stand out:

I am headed to Morocco this November, so this all-white hotel aesthetic caught my eye:

One of my all-time favorite child's play rooms is by Denmark blogger Mortil Mernee.  The combination of white walls, painted white floor, and white round table are anything but drab when paired with carefree artwork and a mid-century pendant (this would've been cool, too):

Loving this creative use of an attic space- lighter colors often really help to maximize the perceived space available in a room:

A few more all-white looks I love:

and this, this, these, and pretty much all of this:

PS- I am currently on a flight back to NY after visiting family in OKC, and have watched two excellent movies so far- Stockholm & Rocketman.  If you haven't seen one or the other, I highly, highly recommend.

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