Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration: From Sadie + Stella

Good Monday Morning to all of you Peak of Tres Chic readers! We are Lindsay + Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and could not be more thrilled to be waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed (not) and sipping (chugging) fancy coffee with all of you this morning. You must, must, must be absolute dolls if you are followers of Sam. In our humble opinion, Sam is the ultimate fashionista, decorista and entertainarista (all made up), but I am certain you all are aware of this. It is time to share some major ocular candy on this dreadful Monday morning. Don't worry loves. We will make it ALL better. 

Here are the things that are inspiring us lately, especially this Monday morning.

Glammy, glam travel. As summer is rapidly approaching, we have our eye on the prize. Summer Vacation. Hello. Chevy Chase had it right, aside from the wood paneled station wagon traveling across country. We are totally down for travel, but Glamour Travel. 
There is something about a clean, crisp and white decorated space that gets us going. To those of you who thought white was stagnant, cold and sterile...false. Think again. We are totally adoring white, yet cozy spaces. 
As we are all WELL aware, warm weather and sun are making their way to the present. What better way to be clad, than backless fashions. I may have to be doing some exercises to pull these pieces off, but it will be done. 
Who likes to party? What better way to celebrate the Spring/Summer seasons than throwing a Garden Inspired Soiree. Styled with all of the perfect elements: bright colors, bold florals, feminine touches, tea sandwiches and perfect pastries. 
We hope that we have made Monday morning a bit more bearable and glamorous. We loved sharing our current inspirations with you Sam, and of course you lovelies. Thank you so, so, so much for being with us. Come and check us out at Sadie + Stella for more and more and more. Loves!

Thanks for sharing with us today, ladies!  Now go check out their adorable blog and show them some love! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

The View Through My Lens: 6

Happy Friday, friends!  Here are my latest instagram snaps.... these pictures were taken on my recent trip to Coachella.  Pictures include my favorite Deborah Lippman Nail Color, a bacon-infused bloody mary (it does exist- my personal hell as a vegetarian), a few friends of my boyfriend that I got to meet during in California, and a VIP red carpet doormat.  I think we all need one of those, don't you?

PS- Remember this post regarding metallic wallpaper?  Many of you asked about the metallic grasscloth wallpaper in one of the images.  I recently found an amazing wallpaper by Donghia called Metallic Raffia.  If you loved the metallic grasscloth, this is a great option to get a similar look yourself!

Cheery Chinoiserie

Happy Friday my loves!  Today I have a special treat for you- a guest post from Design Shuffle about chinoiserie interiors.  Without further ado, I'll let Mari take it away!

Hello, everyone! It's Mari here for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social networking site where interior designers share their work and design enthusiasts find inspiration for their projects. As a writer for Design Shuffle, I get to visit lovely interior design and decorating blog like The Peak of Tres Chic to share some of my favorite rooms. Today's guest post is about Chinoiserie ("Chinese-esque") decorating ideas and some unexpected color combinations seen in this lovely artistic style. We hope you'll be inspired by the eight beautiful spaces we've chosen. Do you love the look of Chinoiserie? What are your favorite Chinoiserie colors?

Chinoiserie Unexpected Colors 

A crisp fresh dining room design is enveloped in pink and mint Chinoiserie pattern. What a successful interior design approach this is. I love the skirted dining chairs.

 Chinoiserie Unexpected Colors

Sunny yellow strewn with vines, birds and gorgeous flowers creates a stunning example of unexpected color in Chinoiserie. The turquoise and gold chest is gorgeous against the wallpaper.

 Chinoiserie Unexpected Colors

How beautiful this chocolate and mint Chinoiserie wallpaper looks with deep green accessories and chevron patterned floor. I love how the designer carried the paper up onto the soffited ceiling in this space.

 Chinoiserie Unexpected Colors

This breathtaking design, Bengale in Paprika by Manuel Canovas, is one of my favorite Chinoiserie patterns and color combinations. Just one look at this lovely fabric and my mind is filled with fantastic orange and pink interior designs.

Chinoiserie Unexpected Colors 

A gray and orange Chinoiserie foil wallcovering brings excitement to this traditional, but eclectic, dining room. Perfect under foot is the taupe key carpet.

Chinoiserie Unexpected Colors

From Lilly Pulitzer, this pretty pink dining space is alive with movement of delicate lacey Chinoiserie dragons.

Chinoiserie Unexpected Colors 

Once again blue and white porcelain is set against minty green floral wallpaper. The coral pieces blend to create an unexpected seaside Chinoiserie look.

 Chinoiserie Unexpected Colors

Blue is probably the most expected of Chinoiserie colors. However, team it with soft brown and you have a stunning unexpected Chinoiserie color palette. This gorgeous interior design has me dreaming of late night dinner parties.
Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Are you a fan of Chinoiserie? Find a wide selection of gorgeous designs from top Los Angeles interior designers here!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Sold!

We all fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw's humble yet charming apartment on Sex and the City.  Her oven was full of Manolos and her closet was never big enough.  Although Carrie lived in the Upper East Side on the show, the apartment is actually in the West Village, near Bleeker Street.  As adorable and small as it may seem on the show, in actuality it's a monster townhome, featuring five bedrooms, herringbone wood floors, and six fireplaces. Six! Can you imagine?!


Supposedly this townhome has housed other well-known personalities like Tim Gunn from Project Runway and Woody Allen featured the home in his film Alice.

The lucky buyer paid a modest 9.85 million for the Brownstone.  I think it would be a dream to live in Carrie's digs, and if SATC taught me anything, it's that miracles are always possible in NYC.

My Summer Staples

Although I love fashion, I don't typically follow trends too closely.  I know what works on my body, and I tend to stick to that! It isn't often that I see a new look and then truly want to go out and buy the pieces to recreate it for myself.  However, there are two outfits I have seen recently that I have fallen in love with.  

I love the loose off-the-shoulder top paired with form fitting lace shorts.  The juxtaposition of fit creates a boho chic look I adore.  I also love the gold chocker that creates a bit of edge to the outfit.  

I love the neutral colors and the black scarf tied around the waist. The crocodile oversized clutch adds a bit of luxe to this comfortable look.  Perfect for the warmer months!

Bottom Outfit: Weekday white tank/brown maxi skirt/crocodile clutch/Target Black Scarf

What are your summer staples?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boudoir of the Day

Today's bedroom features 2 things I love- bamboo shades and garden stools, used as seats at the end of the bed!  I also love that dramatic chandelier and fun pops of color.  I love that this homeowner placed a sunburst mirror over the shades- a very bold move!

Paneled Walls- So 2000 and Late?

Paneled walls- does the idea make you shutter?  I tend to visualize the 70s and those horrible wood paneled walls that look cheap and claustrophobic.   So when our design firm met with a client and proposed to do their living room walls in a panel style last week, I was as surprised as you that they agreed.  But no dark wood paneling in this job!  Something a little more along the lines of this...

Classic, warm, and textured.




With a more classic shade of white, I think large, long panels can look rather regal.  
Are you a fan?  Would you ever do this in your home?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching My Breath

Hi, hi!  I am back home from a whirlwind weekend at Coachella.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw lots of blurry photos of stages and lights.  My apologizes on the lack of quality shots, but when you are watching a show at night and using an iPhone camera, there is only so much you can do.  The hologram of Tupac from weekend 1 made another appearance with Snoop Dog, much to my delight and awe.  I had a blast!  As I sit home now at 2 am with the laundry going (I am one of those OCD people who has to unpack completely the very night I get back from a trip), I realize how behind I am.  Nevertheless, work will be waiting for me tomorrow morning and life shall go on, even though I am desperately needing sleep.

I can't wait to catch up on your blogs and gain a little energy back this week.   
I apologize for my lack of presence in interacting with many of you lately!  With adjusting to my new job and starting school, I have had less time to read your blogs.  However, I am certain a better balance will be found soon.  I miss you guys!  Have a lovely Tuesday, and I'll be back with more tomorrow! :)

Boudoir of the Day


Although purple isn't a color I typically gravitate towards, this bedroom weaves in different shades of the hue in a harmonious way.  The shabby chic cottage feel gives this bedroom character and comfort.  I love the framed art, the fresh blooms, and the plush headboard.  The garden stool next to the bed is a unique touch that adds a splash of blue, balancing out the color palette.  I'd love to end my day in this lovely bedroom!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration: From Because It's Awesome

good morning, all! tobe here from because it's awesome, super honored to be visiting sam and all of you for a little monday morning inspiration. i have to say that because it is always so go, go, go around here, i feel like my days tend to blur together. so monday doesn't really get any kind of special treatment. that said, i love that sam asked me to participate in her series, because it really made me sit down and think about what an ideal monday might look like in my world. probably something like this:

admittedly, i have a hard time working a fitness routine into my schedule. while i would be happy with 2-3 days per week, i tend to be a creature of habit, so it would have to be an all or nothing thing during the work week. i would love to start my mornings just before sun up while it feels like the city is still sleeping for a good run or yoga session.

once i've gotten my metabolism in high gear, it would be a dream to spend my cool down time with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and some breakfast (oatmeal with slivered almonds and a pinch of brown sugar for me, please), pouring over the morning's paper (online, of course), visiting my favorite blogs or, on warmer mornings, sitting on the back patio for a few minutes of solace before starting the day.

i'm lucky to take one of the city's most beautiful roads to work every morning, so i wouldn't change a thing about my morning commute! unless it were the luxury of a chauffeur so i could enjoy the view that much more :)

ward parkway // via

nothing better on a monday than running out for lunch with a friend . . .  and maybe a little light shopping?

the american restaurant // via

after wrapping up an inevitably productive day (this is an ideal monday, right?), i can't help but turn my focus to the house, which my husband and i moved into six short months ago. decorating has been a sloooow process with such a busy schedule, so the idea of stopping by some of my favorite antique and home decor shops on the way home is a definite must!

// a recent find

while i can't say that i have taken much joy in cooking in the past, i'm warming up to the idea more and more (thanks, pinterest!). having the time to prepare a healthy meal over a glass of my favorite wine doesn't sound too shabby to get the perfect monday evening started!

afterwards, a bit of blogging and then off to bed (at a decent hour!) with a mug of warm tea to send me off to dreamland.

well, that's it for me. here's wishing each of you the perfect start to your week!
thanks so much for having me, sam!

Thank you for sharing your Monday Morning Inspirations Tobe!  She is such a doll.  Go check out her blog and give her some love! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Little White Dress

During the spring and summer months, I tend to live in light, summer dresses.  Living in a hot, humid climate, it works best to keep my fabrics light.  Still, I want to look put together!  A pretty sundress is the perfect balance.  This season, I have noticed lots of little white dresses popping up, paired with cute accessories and layered with jackets to give the palette a pop of color.

What do you like to wear the most during the spring and summer months?  
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