Saturday, September 3, 2011

For the Love of Turquoise

It's no secret around here that my favorite color is turquoise.  I find it to be the dreamiest of colors.  Everything fabulous in life is turquoise- the Caribbean ocean waters, Tiffany's boxes, cloudless skies.  The very essence of turquoise is unique. It is a rare and prized mineral that for centuries was esteemed as a holy stone and a bringer of good fortune.  The color itself is a calming hue.  It comes as no surprise then, that my room is accented in turquoise and most of my favorite jewelry and outfits have hints of the beautiful stone.  Here are some of my favorite interiors that highlight my love of this timeless hue...

A lighter version of turquoise can create a calming affect- perfect for places where you want to relax, like in a bubble bath!  I also love the chandelier- it adds an element of glam to this bathroom.

This bedside decor gets an A+ for creativity.  I love the juxtaposition of the nailhead bold turquoise headboard with the shabby door and sconce.  The headboard brings out the aqua hues in the door and sconce.

I always swoon for a French settee.  I love the playful striped pattern on the cushion.

How fun is this Kate Spade statement necklace?

Don't you love the funky bulletin board?!  It's definitely on my DIY list.

Another beautiful statement necklace

This must be Tory Burch's bedroom...

 via House of Turquoise

I love the robin's egg blue throw and striped chair.  What a cozy spot to read this is!  A "must" in my dream bedroom. 

via House of Turquoise

Chanel Iman looking gorgeous in a bold aqua hue.  She's KILLING it.

Speaking of turquoise, it's time for me to head off for my stay-cation next to the pool.  What are you doing for Labor Day Weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope you get some much-needed R&R!


  1. What color is on the walls in the bathroom?


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