Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Little "Tuft" Love

The bedroom is by far and away my favorite room in a home.  As I post, you will see that I frequently revisit the many design elements of a good bedroom. When I first visit a friend's apartment or home, I love to go look at their bedroom because I feel it gives you an intimate look into a person's deeper self.   Bedroom are personal- HIGHLY personal.  This room holds us through the night as we dream. This is the room we are most likely to meet another human being at the most intimate level. A good bedroom must be a place where we can escape to and find solidarity.  When I have had a long day at my office, there is nothing more comforting than escaping to my bedroom and getting in my bed with a good book.  When I began decorating my bedroom, I remember wanting to create a place that nurtured my soul- I wanted the walls to be a warm, calming shade.  I wanted plenty of space to create and read.  I wanted the room to express elements of my personality through the colors, furniture, and decor.  One element I adore in a bedroom is tufted furniture.  Tufted headboards, occasional chairs, and benches instantly add a glam factor to an otherwise ordinary bedroom while not making it overly stuffy.  Below are some of my favorite bedrooms that include a tufted piece.  If you are more of an understated decorator, adding a small tufted bench at the end of your bed is a great way to add a splash of glam... 

Or, if you are more of the bold type, glamming up your room with a tufted headboard adds a big statement...

I love the vintage glamour of this headboard and the pairing of the light pink throw- so feminine!

A funky take on the tufted look- via Decor Pad

 I love the painted white frame of this bed- the detailing makes it especially dramatic.

Of course this look takes 1st place in my book.  Turquoise AND tufted? Yummy!

Here is a more modern bedroom style.  I love the pink, black and white combo as well as the symmetry and clean lines. 

Here is my own tufted headboard.

So what's your take? To tuft or not to tuft? 


What say you? I'm all ears.

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