Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning Inspiration: From Feast Fashion Faves

Happy Monday!  Today's Monday Morning Inspiration post comes from Amanda over at Feast Fashion Faves.  Amanda has a beautiful, unique blog and a unique spin on all things food and fashion.  We also recently discovered we were both Tri Deltas in college!  Too crazy. 

Hi Everyone! I'm Amanda from, and I am so excited to share some of my current inspirations! I just recently got on the Pinterest bandwagon and been loving every moment of it! It is seriously the greatest tool for finding inspirations in all places. Enjoy!
Whether it's an authentic bento box at a Japanese Restaurant or a handmade lunch bento box, I just can't get enough! Making a bento box for a meal is a great way to have equal proportions of everything, and that way you  won't miss a bite from being too full. I was surprised to find so many creative and fun designs that went into making bento boxes...such as the snowman design below. Make your own bento box by using a rectangular plastic container, such as tupperware, or a muffin tin!
{Sources-friends, lovers and chocolate; The Bento Box; OC Weekly; Alphamom}

 I've been brewing a lot of tea lately, but not in a teapot, because I don't have one! So I was delighted to  stumble upon so many pretty and exquisite teapots, so maybe I can finally pick one up. Utilize teapots as a vases as well, they are such a lovely way to display flowers.

 I adore the natural and raw look of tree branches, so much so that I love using them to display jewelry or just alone for room decor.

I absolutely love vintage frames! It's so much fun to peruse a garage sale or thrift store and discover these beauties. Depending on the condition in which the frames are found, you can re-paint, re-purpose, or simply display them!

{Sources-Katie's Rose Cottage Design; Lauren Conrad; Real Simple; A Life of Blue; Home Stories A 2 Z}
Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons galore! I must have a stockpile of ribbons in my craft box! Aside from using ribbons for sewing purposes, there's a myriad of other uses for ribbon such as braiding it into your hair, making a pretty mobile, or to wrap presents and more!

{Sources-Liquid Paper; Lonely Afternoon; The Sweetest Occasion; My Blessed Life}
{Graphics via Polyvore}

Thank you Amanda for sharing with us today!  I love those branches for jewelry displays- what a great idea!  Everyone go check out Amanda's blog at feast fashion faves.

Have a very inspired Monday, friends!


  1. Beautiful photos! I especially love the teapots.

  2. beautiful pics
    I follow u here , follow me please
    And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


    My Free Choice

  3. I'm so happy you stopped by last week! Your blog is adorable and I'm now happily following you!
    Happy Monday!

    Ps Great guest post today!

  4. That branch jewelry holder is amazing. <3

    Would love for you to check out my blog and follow along. Let me know and Ill follow back!

    Cant wait,

  5. sooo liking the vintage frames, particularly the picture of the gallery wall of them. need to find more vintage frames to add to my interior.

  6. I love the whole using tree branches as decor thing, and that tray made out of a picture frame is fantastic!

  7. I love these Monday Morning Inspiration posts! I think I need to go out and buy a teapot now : )

  8. such great inspirations for great decor!
    xo emily

  9. Beautiful blog and beautiful pictures!!
    Very nice to have met you!
    I follow

  10. lovely inspirations! I love the teapots- one of my new obsessions is teavana so I go a little crazy over teapots ;) great post!

  11. I really really love your blog!! Definately following you.
    I really like the bento boxes too - now I wanna get my own :D

  12. wowza. I am now officially inspired. The teapots, the bento boxes (LOVE btw!), the branches, and vintage frames...i am in love.

  13. Beautiful post! I can't get enough of vintage frames and ribbon either! Thank you for the introduction to Feast Fashion Faves xx

  14. Loving the inspiration!! That snowman bento is my new obsesh!

  15. That's amazing. So many great things in one post!

    Fashion Dawgs

  16. ah!! so gorgeous this inspiration is ~ i love it all ~ the bento boxes ~ the vintage frames ~ the ribbons ~ thank you amanda for such a pretty post!!
    xx ~ kristina


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