Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Personalization, Please

Good morning, friends!  I hope you are all having a great week and staying inspired.  I had to share with you my latest obsession- personalization.  Perhaps I am feeling the lingering effects of no longer getting to shop for new school supplies, but lately I have gone desk accessory crazy.  I just love all the monogrammed pretty little things Dabney Lee sells.  Today I bought the Huey Pad in Stardust print-

I chose the Madison Square Garden font and decided to have my first and middle name centered on the nameplate- Samantha Elisabeth.  I simply can't wait to see my notepad!

Another favorite choice from Dabney Lee is the Trinket Box.  This stylish box is a perfect organizational piece for jewelry, loose change, keys, or perhaps your pens and pencils.  I can picture it sitting on my desk in my office or on my jewelry shelf. 

                      Pinned Image

Another favorite personalization item is a monogrammed cutting board.  I have seen multiple variations of this, but my favorite is by Clairebella. Of course, I am gaga over the ikat print version.  Who doesn't love ikat?

                                      Pinned Image

I could never justify buying the cutting board since I don't have great luck cooking (remember this post?) but it's a great holiday gift idea.  What are your favorite personalized goodies?  Did anyone else notice Starbucks has officially rolled out their signiture holiday cups?  Tis' the season.

Click here to see all my favorite pretty little things.


  1. I am obsessed with all things monogrammed. Have you seen the iphone monogramm cases from dani notes?!

  2. Monogrammed cutting board?!?! I LOVE!

    And I did notice the red cups @ Starbucks--made my day :)

  3. These deign are so fun,anything with a monogram.

  4. I love anything with a monogram! all of these items are too cute. xo

  5. I miss getting school supplies and putting my name on everything : ) I love that monogrammed pad!


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