Thursday, December 1, 2011

Going Greek

{Via Casa Sugar}

 Something about the Greek Key pattern just infuses an ordinary rug, wallcovering, or curtain with life.  Greek Key is my latest interior obsession, and ever since finally delving in to desiring them, I have found a plethora of great finds utilizing this pattern.  

{Greek Key Dresser by Oscar de la Renta via Pinterest}

{Vintage Hollywood Regency Brass Greek Key Table 
via Fabulous Mess's Shop on Etsy}

{Via Home Design Martha Stewart}

I plan to introduce this pattern to my home by investing in a few Trina Turk Greek Key throw pillows, and adding a Trina Turk rug to my closet.

{Trinka Turk Greek Key Pillows via Layla Grayce}

{Trina Turk Rug in Hook Greek Key via Layla Grayce}

{Via Elle Decor}

Gorgeousness, no?


  1. I think I just fell in love with that pattern too thanks to your post! such great finds!

  2. I love this pattern, and I think it's a great idea to use pillows and rugs to bring it in.

  3. oh my gosh, I love it!! the Greek pattern really has nice, clean lines and makes a room stand out!

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  4. YES! I love this pattern, most especially in gold! Hope you'll show some pics of your closet when it's all done! xx

  5. Loveeee greek key! I have the trina turk rug in black and I'm obsessed. Love your blog -- new follower!

  6. Love love love! Anything greek key remind me so much of Trina Turk's store in the Meatpacking!

  7. I am in love with the last picture...maybe a Finley room one day!!

  8. photos 4,5,6 are so lovely designes!!!
    great post!


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