Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tres Chic Lingerie

I chose to name my blog The Peak of Tres Chic because of my utter fascination with French women.  The word tres chic translates to very stylish, or very hip.  Using tres chic in the title of my blog sets the tone for the content I present to my readers.  Namely, all things stylish, polished, pretty and effortlessly cool, in a very French sort-of-way.  You see, the French have a sensuality unrivaled by any country I have visited.  French women ooze sexiness, but in a rather subtle, subdued way.  They manage to stay slender without spending 5 days at the gym each week, they enjoy the pleasures of life without guilt or shame, and they possess a self-awareness that is both confident and carefree.  

The quintessential French woman- Brigitte Bardot

The French girl grows up with an almost rapturous cultural appreciation for the human form.  She understands that sexy is a state of mind.  Her relationship to food and her body is sensual, not tyrannical, and she takes pleasure in both.  I feel French women are less hard on themselves and more accepting of their bodies, flaws and all, because the French girl is primed  to be relaxed about her body from the get-go.  There is a personal freedom, an ease, and an acceptance of diverse body types in France that doesn't exist in America.  The French believe that if you love your body, your children will grow up loving theirs.  One way French women love their body is by wearing flattering lingerie and pretty underthings.  Not for the enjoyment of a man, necessarily.  But simply, because it makes them feel pretty.  And why wouldn't you treat yourself to beautiful underwear, right?  

Since my lingerie drawer is looking sparse, and because ultimately I want to have children who grow up loving their bodies, I plan to invest in some pretty tres chic lingerie.  Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Do you like to wear lingerie, or is it too fussy for you?  What ways do you take care of yourself?

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