Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coffee Table Styling

Today I'd like to talk about my favorite part of a living room:  the coffee table!  If you are anything like me, than your coffee table gets put to good use.  In fact, you might use it as a dinner table, foot rest, desk, buffet table at parties, and library for your favorite coffee table books.  Or is that just me? Whether your coffee table is used with frequency or nearly  neglected, it's important to style it well.

First, we must consider function.  Do you often utilize your coffee table as a dinner table?  Then space must be left for eating.  Do you have 10 different remotes for your high-tech TV sound system?  Then they will need a place on the table.  Is your coffee table more of a decor element only? Then gracing your table with books, candlesticks, or fresh flowers will add an extra touch of pretty.

What if you want your coffee table to be both functional and stylish?  You might notice they never photograph remotes lying on a coffee table in interior design magazines.  I suggest finding a beautiful box to hide your remotes inside.  I hide ours in a mercury glass container I found in the bed and bath section of Anthro. What do you think?

Megan, from Honey We're Home, displays her remotes in a chic lucite tray.  This is another great option to fuse functionality with decoration.

Afraid your coffee table will appear cluttered after you gather your favorite books and magazines, and also make room for coasters, remotes, and other necessities?  Stack items neatly in trays to create a more organized space.

Because I collect coffee table books, I like to display a few that might entertain guests.   I love it when I go over to someone's house and can get an idea of who they are and what they love.  Showing an array of books, framed photos, or other trinkets help tell your story in a subtle way.


What's sitting on your coffee table?  Do you have a favorite tip for styling it well? I'd love to hear it!  Today I am guest posting over at The Urban Slant about King Louis chairs.  Be sure and go check it out!
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