Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mad for Metallics

Maybe it's my obsession with golds and silvers, maybe it's my utter boredom with my current beige walls, or maybe it was this stunning image first posted on Things That Sparkle of Alissa's bedroom from The Goods Design?

Whatever it was, I have fallen head over heels for gold and silver metallic wallpapering.  In case you haven't heard, wallpapering is SO back in, no one even paints their walls anymore!  Come on, seriously?  Paint a wall? 
 Justttt kidding!  But how can I ever paint a wall again when I could wallpaper it in luscious gold leaf, silver, or bronze??

I really can't handle the beauty of this wallpapering.  What a luxe addition to this closet!

How beautiful is this blue+silver metallic?  The juxtaposition against the mod-patterned floor makes such a fun statement!

Metallic Grass Cloth Wallpaper- how coolio is this?!


So are you mad for metallics like me?!  Can we swoon together?

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