Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Workspace

Now that we have all over-indulged ourselves with a nice steak dinner and a box of chocolates, it's time to get down to work!   And I know you wouldn't dream of getting down to business in anything less than a tres chic workspace... now would you?  

This desk has me swooning almost more than my Valentine's date.  The fold-out desk is such a space-saver.  The shape is quite unique and would provide some delicious eye candy at the end of a hall.  The orange card-catalog drawers add storage and visual appeal.  Don't even get me started on that chair!  The brass foundation and white cushion creates a luxe combination.

This design library was designed by Bunny Williams.  She sourced an antique Swedish bed corona- an architectural crown from which fabric would drape as a canopy over a bed- as a focal point above the planning table.  I also really love the symmetry in this room- it adds a sense of structure. 

Lulu Powers designed this cheery desk space.   Maybe it's the matching pink lamps, maybe it's the picture of JFK (my favorite President of all time), or maybe it's the organized chaos.  Whatever it is- I just adore it!  I really would love to sit down at this Mac everyday and compose my blog posts.  

This desk space captured my heart because it combines my favorite color combo= blue+pink+gold.  There really is nothing better!  I also go crazy for just about anything lucite, so the chair was a no-brainer.  I also love all the adorable envelope and card organizers, and the photos that add a personal touch.

Until I can create a luxe office space of my own, I'll continue to communicate with all of you from my comfy bed, laptop on my belly, wine on the bedside table.  I know I just created a great mental picture for you. :)

Cheers to Wednesday, my loves!
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