Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Artwork to Adore

This weekend I visited a friend's home for the first time.  I was amazed at her design taste and the way in which she had decorated her quaint town home!  She had painted the walls a seafoam green, styled her bedroom with a gray tufted headboard and mirrored side tables.  I loved it!  However, she enlisted my help when it came to a blank wall in her living room.  This wall was visible right when walking in the house, however it was broken up awkwardly between the kitchen and living room.  How were we going to decorate it?  Hang a shelf? A large piece of art?  Multiple framed photos? 

A blank wall is like a blank canvas for creative minds.  There are endless possibilities!  My mind initially envisioned a bold statement, since the eye would naturally see this wall first when entering her home.  

As I've said before, choosing art is such a personal process.  I want to be sure she chooses artwork that reflects her personal taste and flows well with the overall aesthetic of the room.  Still, she had no idea where to start looking or how to begin to form her own artistic taste.

I showed her a few of my favorite artists and their works.  I especially love abstract watercolor paintings and figure sketches, so I tend to choose these types of mediums most.  Here are my latest obsessions:

In addition to the artists I mentioned above, I also love Cozamia...

My friend and I are excited to find the perfect artwork for her.
What are your favorite sites to buy art from?  Do you have a favorite gallery?  Do share!
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