Friday, March 9, 2012

Cowgirl Chic

It's rodeo time in Houston, TX my loves, which means I am dressing for Texas's version of The Oscars.  I know your first reaction might be, "Really, Sam?  A rodeo?  No one can look good in mom-jean Wranglers and a massive cowboy hat!"  And believe me, I know! But you have to trust me here that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is loads of fun.  

It goes on for about 3 weeks, and each night a different band performs.  While most of the bands are country, there are also a few mainstream bands sprinkled in each year.  (I'm still mad I missed Enrique Englesias this past Tuesday!)  Just about the entire city of Houston goes, and after the shows there is always a massive party.  We are going to be celebrating my friend Kristie's birthday on Saturday at the rodeo, and I couldn't be more excited!  Of course, I have been contemplating what to wear.  Cowboy boots are a must, but what to pair them with?  I want to do something stylish and different.... something along the lines of this... 

Funky, cool, but with a cowgirl-vibe.  Isn't the side braid paired with the cowboy hat so classic?  She keeps it edgy with the pants and boots.

I adore this bohemian look, and would love to fuse my rodeo outfit with a bit of hippie.  How amazing are these sparkly gold shorts?

Turquoise cowboy boots are a must.  Maybe I should stick with the typical vest+sundress+cowboy boots?  This lovely lady pulls it off so well!  

Maybe a chambray top + lace mini?  I think that bag would be too much, though...

I love an all-white lace dress... it's always classic and beautiful.

Here are a few cute options I put together from Free People.  I am really leaning towards wearing a jean vest... but I love that boho look as well!

Clearly, I need your help!  What do you think is the cutest idea?  Remember, it is mid 70s here in Houston so the weather is not an issue... let me know what you would choose!

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