Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stylish Small Space

I have often talked about my special love for decorating small spaces.  There is something to be said for the coziness of a small studio apartment or cottage.  They often include an overflow of decorative items layered together to create an eclectic aesthetic.  It can be hard to create an overall feel to a small space that truly reflects the homeowner; however, when someone is able to convey their personality through their decor, it is especially memorable.  When I stumbled upon an Apartment Therapy tour of a 450 square foot studio apartment that combined vintage charm and old Hollywood glamour, I just had to feature it. 

The living room 


A beautiful living room full of feminine details- A French sette, zebra rug, lucite coffee table, vintage fan, delicate dresses, and fresh flowers.

A collection of Eiffel Towers add charm to the desk space.

The kitchen

The bedroom

The dresser top displays a vignette of antique books, prints, and a shoe form.

The closet...

The tiny closet space somehow manages to maintain the vintage charm of the studio apartment with antique hats and costumes.  Why the costumes? This apartment belongs to Rodellee, creator of Adore Vintage.   When she isn't running her incredible vintage retail site, she freelances as a wardrobe and prop stylist on sets for photographers and film. 

The bathroom

This studio's aesthetic is constant throughout: warm, French, vintage, whimsical.  I am inspired by how large the rooms seem despite the 450 square foot reality- largely due to the openness Rodellee created by keeping most walls white, most furniture against the walls, and the personality spoken through art and the objects that reflect her personality.  A very charming studio, indeed!

{All photos via here.}

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