Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Story Behind my Blog

Since starting my blog, I occasionally have been asked- what's the story behind it?  Why is it called "The Peak of Tres Chic", and what keeps me posting every day?  Although my About Me page dabbles in it a bit, please allow me to take you back in time for a brief moment.

By the time I was able to walk, my mom was taking me along to estate sales and antique markets to help her find fun, unique items to replenish her two antique stores with.  She always made me feel important, as if my eye for design mattered, and encouraged me to look to unexpected places when needing inspiration.  


Meanwhile, at home, I was rearranging my room by age 5.  I was obsessed with creating new layouts and every time my parents would walk in to my tiny bedroom, they'd be surprised to see a new design!  I should've realized earlier on how innate interior design was to me, but unfortunately I was one of those young people who never thought I was very "creative."


My parents felt it was very important for my brother and I to see new places.  It didn't matter if it was the local zoo or a foreign country, just so long as we kept a curiosity about us and stepped outside our comfort zones.  I am eternally grateful that my parents were willing to make sacrifices so that my brother and I could travel.   I have gained endless inspiration and fresh perspective from seeing how different countries conduct everyday life.  The patterns, colors, and textures of other countries have shaped my design aesthetic, too.

Although I have taken something unique from each place we have visited, one place resonated with me the most.  Paris.  Although Paris may seem clique, there is a reason it is referenced by the art, design, and fashion worlds time and time again.  That "je ne se quois" of Paris strikes me every time I visit.  I leave no less enchanted and changed each time.  Parisians have an innate ability to create more with less.  They always look polished, yet they never look as if they are trying too hard.  Immersed in a culture of such rich history and architecture, of tragedy and triumph, Parisians are (for the most part) remarkably tres chic.


Over the past few years, I have become increasingly conscious of Parisian effortless style, and have been working to incorporate that in to my own life. The Peak of Tres Chic is chronicling that journey and helping me define my aesthetic, develop my creative thoughts, and share what's inspiring me.

Why do I blog? Because it is therapeutic for me.  Whatever has happened or may happen in my day, ultimately, my blog is mine, and I use it as a canvas to organize my creative energies. Followers and friendships are just added bonuses, but not my motivation.  I am working to make this space a more clear depiction of who I am, and I hope you will follow along on the journey!  

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