Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Table Top Styling

I love to see pretty and interesting table top accessories in homes.  Even more than seeing them, I love to put them together!  This is one of my favorite parts of interior designing- putting the finishing touches on a space.  Often, these last few finishing touches really complete the look and give an overall cohesive, balanced feel, not to mention, they add personality to the room.

When styling a console or table, it's important to pay attention to symmetry.  As you can see in the photo above, two identical lamps are placed on each side of the console, creating balance.  



But you don't have to be boring when paying attention to this design principle!  Balance could work even without using the same lamp.  The idea is to create a sense of symmetry through creating equal weight on different sides of the surface.

I love to decorate with coffee table or antique books.  This vignette includes stacked books that are balanced water pitcher and glasses.  The overall vignette is anchored by the large piece of art in the background.

This glam console combines two completely different objects but still achieves balance.  I love the fresh flowers and the elephant- so quirky!  I put together a collection of items from Layla Grayce that I'd love to decorate my console with.  Layla Grayce is my go-to for stylish home decor, and if you haven't checked out their gorgeous website, I highly recommend that you do.

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