Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tres Chic Tutorial: A Bench Makeover

Remember when I posted this picture of my entryway, and promised to give you a tutorial on how I created these x-benches?  Well, it's finally here!  You might not believe it, but when we found these benches at Target, they were all black with a black leather cushion:

Sure, they could pass in a man cave, but there was no way I was going to put these benches in my home without a serious face lift.  So enter: My incredibly talented mother.  She is the master of all DIY projects, my friends.  

Items Needed:
Staple Gun
Tape Measure
Fabric for Cushion
Paint (we used a shimmery silver from Hobby Lobby)
Paint Brush

 We found this adorable ikat textile at a local fabric shop.  I love it!

Step 1:  Take your fabric and lay it face down on a flat surface.  Smooth out any creases.  Place object to be covered face down on top of fabric.

Step 2: Trim off extra fabric on edges.  
I suggest leaving approximately 3-4 inches of fabric on each side.

Step 3:  Making sure fabric is straight and there are no creases, pull fabric around side of cushion, fold over so that the raw edge is covered,  and staple in the middle. When finished, you'll have a staple in the middle of all 4 sides.

      Step 4: Now, we must cover the corners.  This can be tricky, but if you go slowly and carefully, your result will look beautiful.

Step 5: Staple near a corner, then fold up fabric next to staple and staple again. Repeat this process until you have worked all the way around the corner.

Step 6: Do this for all corners. When finished, you may want to trim the excess fabric at the corners.

Step 7: While the cushion is off the bench frame and legs, prime and paint the legs your desired color.  Let frame dry overnight.  Once it dries, you are ready to reattach your cushion to the seat.  

This DIY is rather simple and cheap, but I am just in love with the results.  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  
Today I am guest posting over at The Inglenook Decor's Musings- I hope you will check out my guest post and show Maureen some love!!
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