Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Checking In On New Year's Resolutions

Hello sweet peas!  Since we are nearly 6 months in to the new year (can I even say that at this point in time?!), I thought I'd give you an update on the status of my New Years Resolutions that I posted about here.

1.) Take on my first interior design client
Update: I did indeed take on my first E-Design client, which was wonderful and a great learning experience.  But even better than that, I am now working for an interior design firm as a design assistant, where I am learning something new every day!  I must say I am proud of myself for following through fully on this one.

2. Send More Handwritten Notes
Update: Eeek!  I have not been keeping up with this resolution!  Despite having purchased lots of pretty stationery, I haven't put much of it to use.  I vow to change this- I have some pretty wonderful people in my life who deserve a note.

3.) Get More Sleep
Update: I am happy to report that I get an A+ for following through with this one.  I am getting much more sleep- nearly 8-9 hours a night, and my skin and body thank me for it!  Probably because I have not stuck very well with my next one...

4.) Workout 3 Times Per Week
Update: At the start of the year, I was much better about working out.  There was a gym close to my office that I'd pop in to at lunch for a Zumba class a few times a week.  But after switching jobs/offices, and taking on courses at night, I have not been working out very often.  

5.) Take A Photography Class
Update: Sam and I did take a photography course in late April where we actually learned how to use our fancy cameras.  It was interesting to learn all the techniques of shooting, and our instructor even took us out on a tour of Houston so we could practice our new skills!

{Instagram Photo}

6.) Take Every Excuse to Travel
Update:  I value traveling and seeing new places.  In fact, it's how I spend the majority of my spending money.  This year, I have been exercising restraint when it comes to shopping so that I can have a few extra dollars for travel money.  This year, I've gone to Cabo, taken a road trip with friends to Austin, TX, gone with Sam to San Antonio, TX, gone to Coachella in Indio, CA, and went to Napa Valley last weekend!   I'd say that's a good start. :)

{Instagram Photos}

I may not have rock hard abs but at least I'm indulging in a little sleep and travel.  Did you follow through with your resolutions?  Do you have any new ones for the latter 6 months of the year?  I'd love to hear them!
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