Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flamingos On My Mind

One of my favorite animals is the flamingo.  They are such interesting creatures- large birds that manage to balance on two tiny sticks for legs.  They sleep on one leg, have a vibrant pink coat and a large black beak. I find them incredibly beautiful!  

{Instagram pic I took on a trip to the zoo recently}

So when my design fundamentals professor told us our homework for this week was to design a wallpaper using our favorite animal, I immediately picked the flamingo.  The vibrant color and interesting shape of the bird make it a whimsical motif to spot in a home- so unexpected and cheery!

After doing a bit of research on flamingos, I discovered that there are some pretty fabulous wallpapers on the market, like  Cole & Son's Flamingo wallpaper:

Graham & Brown also makes a flamingo wallpaper in vibrant pink and purple:

If flamingo wallpaper feels a bit too much for you, perhaps a piece of art featuring these lovely birds is more up your alley?

Bathroom contemporary bathroom


Seeing all this inspiration has definitely gotten my wheels turning about my wallpaper design.... and it's also made me crave a little more flamingo flavor in my own home!  Happy Wednesday, loves!
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