Thursday, June 28, 2012

Copper in the Kitchen?

My parents are in the blissful stages of a remodel where the sky is the limit in terms of design.  My mom is nice enough to let me stick my nose in the middle of their plans and give my two cents.  The one thing (and only thing) my mom has purchased thus far is a lone copper sink.  When I asked why she bought a sink at such an early stage in the process, she simply replied, "Because it was marked down from $4000 to $400!"  Oh how I love that woman. I can't fault her for her savvy spending, but I will say I had originally envisioned brass elements.  Back to the drawing board I went, and what I found was a bevy of pretty copper kitchens...


I love the idea of adding in a copper hood over the stove.  This will help tie in the sink, and also looks really lovely against white cabinetry and tile.

The entire aesthetic of their home is planned to be very zen- soft blues and greens, grays and whites, as if they were on vacation at a spa.  Something similar to the colors here:

Adding copper pendant lighting over their kitchen island is a must.

Displaying copper pots and pans is a great way to accessorize the kitchen and once again tie in to the copper elements.

There really is nothing like copper to give a kitchen that old world feel while also warming up the space.  What's even better?  Over time copper tarnishes and turns a pretty rustic green, adding even more character to a space.  What are your favorite elements for a kitchen?
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