Monday, June 4, 2012

Recent Acquisitions...

I don't know what has been up with me lately.  I have been splurging more than usual on pretty little things and can't seem to exercise my typical self-restraint.  As I've talked about before, my #1 priority with my spending money is traveling.  It's so important to me to see new places.  But with my latest purchases, I'm not sure I'll be going anywhere in the near future!  At least all these things make me happy.... right?

I am totally digging my new Cozamia print.  It came in the mail last Friday, and I placed it in a silver Ikea frame.  What do you think?

{Via my Instagram}

I justified the purchase of the 3 dresses by telling myself I could wear any of them to work with a light sweater over my shoulders.  After last Wednesday's post, you all convinced me to buy the Mod Cloth mint one!  I love the bow.

Another recent obsession of mine is Lafco candles.  I randomly found them while looking around in one of my favorite Houston home decor stores, Area.  There is a separate candle for each room in a home- the Boudoir, the guest room, the bathroom, the foyer, den.... etc.  I purchased the Master Bedroom candle and I seriously can't stop burning it.  Go check out their website- it shows a floorplan and you can click on a particular room to see what candle they recommend!

I have been adoring the topiaries featured on the Design Darling boutique forever- so excited that I finally bought a few!  One Kings Lane recently featured this Los Angeles coffee table book, and I had to buy it.  I definitely judged this book by the cover.  How great is the cover image?! I have it on my shelf and can't wait to sit down and flip through it.

Have you made any fun purchases recently?  PSST.... today I am over at Michaela Noelle Designs guest posting.  I hope you will check it out! :)
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