Monday, June 25, 2012

Who, What, Wear, Where: Chic Geek

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Today you are in for a treat.  I have the lovely Catherine of Chic Geek sharing her perfect day in the 4 W's- who she would be with, what she would be doing, what she would be wearing, and where she would be.  In case you aren't aquatinted with Catherine, this girl has some serious style...

 I think my perfect day would be spent with her teaching me how to be so adorable in outfit posts!  Without further ado, I give you Catherine...

Who are you with?

All my favorite girls, of course! Miraculously our crazy schedules will have aligned to create a mutual free weekend!

What would you be doing?

All the overachievers would probably head out for a morning run which would be followed up with brunch, in our summer house- think fresh fruit, granola, pastries, and pancakes. 

Next, lots of girl talk would ensue as we lounge poolside or down on the beach- que the mojitos! 


 Afterwards a little shopping in town would have to occur!  

What would you be wearing?


I'd pack simple staples for day time- think jorts, tee's, tunics, nautical stripes, and gobs of accessories.   At night the weather would cool down a bit and I'd love to rock a long DVF dress similar to the one above (this one) or this incredible skirt with a tee.

Where would you be?


Thanks so much for having me, Sam!

Thanks Catherine!  Be sure to check out the Chic Geek here.
In other news, I'm on the Glitter Guide Tumblr!  Too fun.


  1. Bahh-- love this collabo. Madame C.G. is my blogger boyfriend, and I adore all her picks here.

  2. You two are too sweet! Sam Thanks for the adorable intro!
    And CONGRATS on the glitter guide tumblr feature! I have to go pin it right away!

  3. Her blog was one of the first fashion blogs I followed. She has great style! Congrats on your tumblr feature!

  4. awsome ;_))

  5. I adore the first outfit with the dual polka dot tops!!!! LOVE!!!!

    <3 4 F's!!!!

  6. Aaaaand now I wanna call up my girls and plan a trip. Keep the mojitos coming!

  7. Hi Sam! Lovely post. I' right there with her on all those pictures. I love the polka dots! and the "Something's Gotta Give" scenery!
    Have a great week.

  8. Love her style, thanks for the intro, and what a gorgeous post!
    PS: I thought that was you on GG but I wasn't 100% sure ;)

  9. sounds like a beyond fab day! take me with you :)

  10. great guest post - all of her outfits are so cute, especially that first polka dot dress!!


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