Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Workout Picks

I recently mentioned that I have become addicted to Cross fit for the last month.  Before beginning Cross fit, I occasionally took a yoga class or a Zumba class, but never really had a set workout schedule.  Now, I try to make it to a Cross fit workout 5 times a week.  

You have to understand how much of a change this is for me.  Before Cross Fit, you could not PAY me to go to the gym that often.  It's so boring walking on the treadmill.  All I do is stare at the minutes left on the machine and daydream about french fries.  So, with my newfound passion for CF,  I have been going through my limited gym clothing like there's no tomorrow.  Last weekend,  I had to invest in a few more pieces.  Here are my favorites:


Lululemon's Nakedseam shorts are the most comfortable workout shorts I've ever worn. Priced at $68 a piece, they are a bit expensive, but trust me- they're worth it.  Plus, how fun are the patterns?  I recently bought the polka dot pair and wear them constantly. (FYI- I typically wear a size 4 pant size, but I bought these shorts in an 8 so that they would fit a bit looser.) I know a lot of girls love those Nike running shorts, but I can't stand those on my body.


My go-to workout tops are Nike tanks.  I love the ones with built-in bras, or the basic tanks that are light and I can pair with a sports bra. 


I carry my TB canvas tote.  What can I say?  I love my Tory.  It's perfect for throwing my clothes in in the morning and carrying with me to work.


I am in the market for new gym shoes, and I'm leaning towards these Nike Free Runs in a mint shade.  

I'm a firm believer that wearing cute workout clothes will motivate you to get to the gym.  Honestly.  It also helps to have a few friends who will keep you accountable.  Do you have a favorite brand to wear when working out, or perhaps a favorite workout shoe?  Please share with me!  I'm new to this workout game. :)
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