Monday, July 23, 2012

The 4 W's: Chevron & Stripes

For our next installment of "The 4 W's", we have the lovely Sarah of Chevron & Stripes.  In case you have missed the first few posts, the 4 W's is a series where we get to know our favorite bloggers a little better by having them tell us their perfect day in 4 W's- who they would be with, what they would be doing, what they would be wearing, and where they would be!  Sarah is so talented & witty, and her blog is a daily read of mine.  Here's her take on an ideal day:

WHO: I'm not all that star struck (though I love my celeb gossip and always appreciate a good sighting) so I would definitely spend the day with my fiancé and our dog Ziggy. To me, they're the perfect company.

WEAR: My go to's in the summer all seem to come from Calypso. I love their breezy tunics, bejeweled sandals, and shady hats. They've mastered the art of comfy chic...

WHERE: My family home on the beach is my place of zen. I know when I get out there I can fully unwind and decompress from the hustle and bustle of the city.

WHAT: I'd love to have a little picnic on the beach! It's not the most elaborate plan but little moments like that are the ones that make me most happy.

I love your answers, Sarah!  A day at the beach in any form is a wonderful day to me.  :)
Happy Monday, all!


  1. Love it! I want that to be my day.

  2. cute things :))

  3. Love this, I'm stopping by your blog from the comment you left on mine! Your blog is lovely, I'm now your newest follower! Off to discover more of it.

  4. that calypso tunic is so cute and so is the sandals and that fedora. very stylish!

  5. This sounds like such a perfect day + I love this outfit! xx

  6. What a gorgeous day, I can't think of anything better! Loving the sun hat too, great pick!

  7. Those sandals...yes please! What a great day. Love this series!

  8. Sounds like a pretty great day to me :)

    Abbey x

  9. Love all of this... the hat, the flops and that calypso! Oh, and I need that pup!


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