Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aspiring Kennedy

Hi everyone!

I feel so fancy today being here at The Peak of Très Chic.

Isn't Samantha just the cutest?

You may not know me,
so here's a quick introduction:

My name is Lauren,
and I write the blog Aspiring Kennedy.

I'm originally from Texas,
but I moved to the UK two years ago with my husband
and we have the best life together.

A bold statement,
but we are just, well, really happy.

Even though I live in England
and get to travel around Europe,
it's really the simpler things
that make me the happiest.

Like coffee.

Every morning, there's a moka pot sitting on the stove
waiting to be turned on
to kick off my day.

It's the cheapest way to start a day off
in a fabulous direction.

And when I'm out working or exploring,
there are endless charming cafes
waiting for me to come have a sweet cafe...

and a biscotti.

If it gets really hot in the afternoon
(which really isn't too often here),
I can opt for a big iced coffee to cool you down.


And the best part of coffee is that it stays with you all day long.

Because at the end of the day,
when you're really full from a great dinner...
you can scoop out a little nugget of Haagen Daas goodness
and pour a shot of espresso over it for a little affogato.

And as your bloated stomach as you get ready for bed,
you can look down at that happy little pooch
and realize that, indeed, you can start this glorious routine over when you wake up.


  1. I couldn't agree more Lauren! Coffee is my favorite daily pleasure....can't imagine life without it. Love your pictures!

  2. ooo mniam !!! :))

  3. oh my good lawd! i love iced coffee too so those pics are making me salivate. i love a good thai iced coffee!

  4. I start my day everyday with an iced coffee. Love this post!

  5. I love this post!!! And I so understand these feelings about coffee. I am truly addicted and I don't mind one bit.

  6. hah! What a great post!! Coffee is def. one of the main reasons I get out of bed in the mornings. haha :) I just love Lauren and Aspiring Kennedy!! Texas shout out!

  7. what a great post!! i definitely love coffee have to have it every single day and i love the varieties of how you can have your day depending on the time of day. i still need to try an affogatto

  8. Yes Meg- you do need to try it! Lived being here at TPOTC!! :) happy vacay, Sam!


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