Friday, August 17, 2012

Designer Crush: Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams, a designer name most of you have probably heard before, is a big designer crush of mine.  She has such a distinct undisciplined design taste, full of color and pattern juxtaposition.  She opened her own design firm in 1988, after spending 22 years with Parish-Hadley Associates.  One of my favorite projects she did was featured in Lonny Magazine- a gorgeous Sea Island, Georgia condo:

More fabulous pictures after the jump!

Bunny was influenced by outdoor elements, including sun, sand, and sea when pulling together this design- the perfect inspiration for a condo retreat.  Her design manages to feel both relaxing and lively at the same time, with the playfulness that is often embodied in Bunny's rooms.

"Every space should have it's own personality- different from the next" Bunny believes. "It's simply about creating the perfect fit for the people who live in it."

I completely agree, Bunny! :)  Happy weekend to you all! XOXO, Sam

{all images via here}


  1. oh great!!

  2. I love how well styled but lived in all these rooms look!

  3. These spaces are beautiful! The use of light in each room is amazing.


    Twitter + Instagram: @meeranavlakha

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I can only hope my home looks like that someday.
    Happy Friday+Weekend!

  5. lovelovelove!! those dining chairs are amaze!

  6. These spaces are so beautiful. Lots of subtle elegance.

  7. Subtle, but still quite interesting. That takes such talent. I love Bunny Williams's work! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Gorgeous rooms, but the tufted bench is my favorite ;)

  9. I started following her blog several months ago.. love her style! Those first two pictures are my favorite!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Love this! The beds and couches with all the lovely throw cushions look particularly divine!

  11. just stunning, love the colours beautiful :)

  12. Adoring all the bird prints - i want it all! Wish i could buy an endless supply of art! :) xo have a good weekend

  13. o0o0 just came across your blog and newly absolutely obsessed :D totally following! ps... bunny williams... a genius einstein of design :D Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  14. I am crazy about that headboard! And the natural lighting:D
    Beautiful room!

  15. So many great pieces of inspiration here. I love the feminine beach feel and those headboards with a simple cream fabric are great.

    Stay in the Lines

  16. I love Bunny Williams interior designs and also all of the lamps from her line:)
    xo, Chelsea


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