Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: 1

Today I am happy to announce the beginning of a new series here on The Peak of Très Chic- Fashion Forward Friday!  Each Friday, I will be featuring a different fashionista who has styled an outfit that is inspiration-worthy and perfect for weekend wear.  Because let's be honest- who is actually thinking about work on Fridays?  Not moi.  Today, the lovely Golden Girls, Marika and Lauren, are modeling summery looks with plenty of white to wear before Labor Day rolls around (not that I pay attention to that silly fashion rule anyway.)

Here's how the girls described their style inspiration:

Our Style: Our style is best described as European elegance portrayed through our chic yet laid back California lifestyle. We like to mix boho with prep, and believe all women should clothe themselves in class. Our light and airy palate reflects our dreamy state of mind and our goal to inspire the world through our passion. The Golden Girls represent all things golden, and Golden White Décor reflects our sunny disposition and high energy on life.

Inspiration: We are inspired by our surroundings and the light coastal California vibes. We also look for inspiration in our travels. Each city, state, and country has their own take on fashion. Fashion and décor trends are continually evolving and it is important to keep an open mind. It is also key to look to past trends, and how they can be refreshed, revamped, and altered to fit our current lifestyle.

I am officially ready to put on a sun hat and a white maxi.  Which is convenient, since I'm on my way to Miami as we speak.  Ciao for now, and be sure to check out The Golden Girls blog- it's lovely!  Happy Weekend!
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