Friday, August 31, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: 2

Today I am happy to bring you the second installment of a new series here on The Peak of Très Chic- Fashion Forward Friday!  Each Friday, I am featuring a relatable fashionista who has styled an outfit that is inspiration-worthy and perfect for weekend wear.  Rather than see an outfit on a runway and try to emulate it, it's so much easier when we see ordinary women and men making fashion work for everyday.  Don't ya think? 
 Today, Jessica of Bows and Sequins is showing off her preppy style with a few of her recent outfits in bright, punchy colors...

{all images courtesy of Bows & Sequins}

Here's how Jessica describes her style: "I’m an avid daytime sequin wearer and gingham shirt collector. If I received a nickel for every time I wear my chambray shirt(s), I’d be a very wealthy gal! My style is pretty preppy, but sometimes I like to get a little more edgy, too. My style is very much inspired by my mood and the things around me. Thus, it changes from day to day and is constantly evolving."

How adorable is this petite blonde New Yorker?  I love those snow leopard pants in the last picture... a lot.  Be sure and make yourself acquainted with Jess by visiting her blog, Bows & Sequins.  
Happy Labor Day weekend!

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