Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pretty Organization: Closets

Closets are the woman's equivalent to a man cave- a sacred place that should be kept both beautiful and organized.  This isn't always easy, especially when we rush each morning to find something to wear to work and bolt out the door, leaving all the rejected outfits strewn across the floor (or is that just me?).  

Today I thought I'd share a few tips/tricks that I utilize to help keep my closet as organized and pretty as possible.

1.) Organize clothes by color and type.

Keep clothes divided by pants, skirts, dresses, etc.  Within each type, organize items by their color, and group colors together.   This creates a uniform, clean look, and it also helps you find a specific item when you're looking for it.  Here's the "dress" section of my closet.  I also like to decorate with pretty shopping bags:

2.) Replace mismatched and wire hangars with sturdier ones that are the same style.
  Using the same hangar throughout your closet keeps items evenly spaced and is pretty to look at.  (I said this was pretty organization, right?!) I like to use these clear ones from Linens n' Things:

3.) Edit your closet on a regular basis.  
About every 6 months, I go through my closet and pull out any items I haven't worn recently or anything that doesn't fit well. There are many resale shops where you can go and sell your gently worn clothing (If you have a blog, sell it there!), or you can always donate it.  Either way, only keep in your closet what you love! I can't seem to part with this faux fur leopard jacket, impractical as it may be...

4.) Add personality to your space. 
 Even if your closet can't magically become a luxurious dressing room, it doesn't have to be dull.  Add liners to your shelves, paint the walls, or add a piece of art.  This Leigh Viner print is so girly and I love having it in my closet:

5.) Keep shoes and other accessories grouped together and visible.  
If you don't have enough room for them all, at least make visible the 2-3 pairs you wear the most often.

Do you have any tips of your own to add? I'd love to hear them!

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