Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8 Things I Loved & Learned Last Week: 4

Happy Tuesday!  How's the week going so far? Sorry for my lack of presence yesterday.  In case it wasn't apparent by my numerous instagram pics and tweets (my apologies for clogging your newsfeed), I was hangin with my parental units back in my hometown of OKC.  Sam & I went up for the weekend primarily so I could help them choose finishes for their new home, but also to see the OU game.  Too bad the Sooners didn't win.  I still had a blast doing what I love to do best~ working on interiors!  Which brings me to #1...

1.) LOVED selecting all the finishes for their new build.  The aesthetic we are shooting for is serene, spa-like, and clean.  We chose dark wood floors, and gray toned travertine for the flooring:

This picture truly doesn't do our selections justice.  When you are working with an iphone camera, there's only so much you can do to capture the beauty.

Here's the master bath shower wall tile, and the stones we are going to do for the entire shower flooring.  Despite what you might think, the stones are not uncomfortable at all.  They actually feel really good on your feet- but if you are skeptical, they are also offered in a flattened out variation.  Perfect for the spa environment we are trying to create:

2.) Loved rummaging through my mother's "give away" stack.  Truth be told, my mom is more stylish than me.  Honestly.  These Chanel flats were too small for her feet, but magically just perfect for mine.  I was happy to take them off her hands! :)

3.) I loved seeing Jessie Miller (of the Design Daredevil, who happens to be a great blog friend), do her thing on HGTV's "The White Room Challenge" Friday night.  She absolutely killed it, and I loved that her bubbly and confident personality shined through.  If you missed the episode, you have to watch it.

She's pretty fab.

4.) Because I am seemingly forgetting things I used to not forget, I learned I needed to invest in a planner that wasn't my iphone.  After discovering the Maybooks website, I was sold.  They have a plethora of beautiful patterns to pick from when designing your notebook or planner, and you can add a cute monogram, too! 

That adorable pencil came from Design Darling's "Things We Love" pencil set.  Another great office accessory. 

5.) I went to get a pedicure before hopping on my flight back to Houston yesterday, and guess who I sat next to?  None other than James Harden, NBA player for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  I was starstruck, but that didn't keep me from talking about our shared love of Houston, TX and pearl exfoliating pedicures. Fear the beard!

6.) I loved catching up with my brother and sister-in-law over a Sunday morning brunch.  They are probably the world's cutest couple- absolutely perfect for each other. 

7.) After brunch, the whole family went out to the pumpkin patch.  I was shocked to learn it was the first time my sister-in-law or boyfriend had EVER been to a pumpkin patch.  Clearly we had to give them the full experience.  When we got lost in the corn maze, I learned I am not a fan of them.  Whether it be my claustrophobia or my resulting itchy feet, I was pretty frantic to get the hell out of that maze.  Nonetheless, we stopped for a few photo ops.

7.) These flowers took my breath away.  Natural beauty at it's best.

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