Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's Making You Stop and Stare?

At the risk of sounding cliche, I'll go ahead and give you a one word summary of my current day to day life: hectic.  Even typing it makes me feel gross.  Although I love being on the go and tend to enjoy having a full schedule, I stop liking it when I become too busy to notice beauty.  Because, truthfully, that's how I am invigorated and inspired.  It can be a particularly beautiful sunset, a painting, or even something unexpected and simple- like the buttons on a coat or the lines of a sleek chair.  This week our design firm is preparing for a few major installations and at night I am taking finals for my interior design classes, and frankly my soul is in desperate need of a moment to stop and stare at beauty.

Ahhhh.  Beauty.
It may have become apparent at this point that I am naturally drawn to the romantic and classic.  Pinks, blacks, golds, greys, and whites.  Although I love to design in a diverse range of styles, my eye will always first catch this particular color palette and aesthetic. 
What are you naturally drawn to?  Don't forget to stop and stare when you find something beautiful today. 
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