Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A House of Her Own

When I learned that a local jewelry designer here in Houston also happened to have a unique, award-winning not-so-humble abode, I just had to share it with you.  Gina Cartwright, founder of Charmed Circle jewelry, and I met through a relative of mine recently, and I must tell you she is as sweet as she is stylish.  Working with architect Mark Oberholzer of Rhode Partners and Four Square Design Studio, her kitchen design won a first place design award in Paper City Magazine:

Gina was very involved in the entire process of creating her home with her architect and interior designers:

"I wanted a home that was made from beautiful materials and that was not trying to be a copy of a particular style. I wanted the house to be timeless.  We love to travel and it would be the perfect backdrop for any vintage pieces we would collect. 

 I grew up in Canada in a very small provincial town.  We lived in the only modern architect designed home in town-  It must have stuck!  My father had a really strong sense of good design.  We  had a Naguchi table and an Arco lamp in the living room.  I had no idea what they were at the time but now I realize I was surrounded by classic mid century modern."

The house is u shaped and built around an exterior courtyard.  The windows and doors facing the courtyard were custom made stainless steel frames of glass.
You can see through the house when in the kitchen or the living room.  The oversized slate tile is the same outside as it is in so that it gives a feeling of continuity.  

I am genuinely impressed with Gina's bravery in envisioning a very modern home that pushes the limits- and watching that design come in to fruition.  It is clear her home is unique and stands out from the rest- no wonder her kitchen won an award!  

Thanks for allowing us to step inside your home today, Gina!  
Be sure to check out her jewelry collection that is carried in Henri Bendel's, Fred Segal,
among many other boutiques across the world.

{Interior design by Four Square Design Studio; Architecture by Rhode Partners}


  1. Wowza!! I love the art in the dining area and that office is so pretty. Love the colors and the ghost chairs! xoxo

  2. Wow! Absolutely beautiful home.

  3. I am so impressed by her aesthetic...just stunning! That kitchen is amazing & absolutely award worthy! Congrats to her :) XO brynn

  4. great pics!!

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  5. I'm super impressed too!! Wow! She has done an amazing job! i love the french blue and gold accents.

  6. I love that home. I visit as often as I can and enjoy it very much. I will tell you, Gina is one of the most stylish people I know. She is a walking encyclopedia of anything style and/or design related. Her perspective is fascinating. The amount of thought that goes into every decision she makes whether it be home or jewelry design is remarkable. I'm so glad you featured this beautiful home!


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