Friday, October 19, 2012

Making A Statement

Hi lovelies!  Yesterday I shared some accessory inspiration on Little Bits of Lovely, one of my all-time favorite blogs.  I thought I'd recap it for you today to give you a little something sparkly to look at before the weekend.
With the changing of seasons upon us, I wanted to talk about a great way to spice up any ensemble- no matter the weather- a statement necklace.  Whether it be in cooler weather....

 or warmer weather...

A statement necklace can always work well and leave an impression.
My eye has been drawn to some fab statement necklaces recently...

Which one is your favorite?!

Check out Rachel's blog here.  She's pretty fab.
TGIF everyone!  Have a fab weekend.


  1. Great round up of statement jewelry. I need one or two...or five...of these in my life. It really is a fun way to jazz up an outfit!

  2. of course I love all the stella and dots, but i'm loving that furbish studio one, too. gorgeous!

  3. These statement necklaces are gorgeous, and I love how you can wear them for any occasion!

  4. Ooooo. I have one almost like #3.

  5. I am SO with you on the statement necklaces!!! Gimme, gimme!!! Happy weekend, love :) XO Brynn

  6. amazing ;DDD

    i invite to me to :))

  7. These big necklaces look like they came straight outta jewelers on long island. Talk about shouting out.


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