Tuesday, November 27, 2012

8 Things I Loved & Learned Last Week: 6

Happy Tuesday!  I am thrilled to see many of you are just as in love with the Charlie necklace as I am.  Thank you for the giveaway entries yesterday!

So many wonderful things happened over my Thanksgiving holiday that I thought it was only fitting to do an "8 Things I Loved and Learned" post.  If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, then you know I traveled back to Oklahoma City to visit my parents brother, and sister-in-law.  

1.) To start the break off, Sam & I went to our first OKC Thunder basketball game of the season!  It was so fun, and it helped that the Thunder beat the LA Clippers (barely) in overtime.  Unfortunately, there was no Khloe Kardashian sightings (her hubby Lamar plays for the Clippers).

After the game we got to catch up with some of my high school girlfriends.  There's nothing like the comfort of seeing old friends.

2.)  On Thursday we started out Thanksgiving with a glass of champagne at 9 am.  What can I say? We start things early! I also love my parents' leopard carpet.

3.) What would Thanksgiving be without a slice of pumpkin pie?  As a vegetarian, I could care less about the turkey or ham.  It's all about the sweets.

4.) My brother convinced Sam & I to go out to the gun range with him.  I was terrified!  They convinced me to shoot the gun a few times, and of course I had to document it.  I added the video too.  Just call me Annie Oakley! ;)

5.)  As I mentioned last week, one BIG reason I love going home is to see my parent's Great Dane- Graycie!  We joke that she is socially awkward because, well, she is.   Luckily she let me get a few cuddles in:

6.) I am continuing to work on the design for my parent's new build in Oklahoma City.  They will move in around next March, and we are currently working on merging their current decor with the vision we have for the new place.  There's been a lot of purging, which makes room for new pieces!  We fell in love with this piped yellow sofa & decided it had to go in the new house:

Isn't the shape beautiful?  

7.)  If that wasn't good enough for one day of furniture hunting, we also found a pair of upholstered python chairs.  I mean.... seriously??  

You know how animal prints make my heart melt.  I am thrilled about these finds.

8.) Lastly, I got to meet Sara Kate of Sara Kate Studios at the Myriad Gardens Pop Up Shops on Black Friday.  She's the lovely stylist who has been featured in Lonny and Matchbook Magazines. Of course, she was just as cute and creative as I imagined.  And how pretty was her little shop??

So many fun, interesting finds and wrapping goodies.  I picked up a few vintage books for my shelf.

How was your break?  I hope you enjoyed a little time off!
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XO, Sam


  1. I love that couch, everything about it- pillows and all!! Isn't shooting guns such a crazy experience. We went to the range about a year ago and it was.. well, quite the experience!! Feels so weird!! Love your boots by the way!!



  2. I love this list, and I'm super jealous of #2!



  3. Graycie is adorbs! When I was a kid, we had a Great Dane as well and I laughed to myself when you said she was awkward... ours was too! I had a stint as a dog-walker in my twenties and walked a blue they named Indigo. Absolutely loved that dog (though I'm pretty sure he walked me). Score on those python beauties BTW. Dreamy.

  4. Your pony in the gun picture is so perfect...I'm kind of jealous!

    The Glossy Life

  5. So fun! Gracie is too cute! I spent Thanksgiving with my brother and sister in law and they have a great dane too. They are the best dogs, and they must all be socially awkward, because Howard definitely is as well. And your parents leopard carpet is gorgeous!

  6. What a fabulous couch! And I love Sara Kate's styling--her instagram pictures are always so flawless! Sounds like it was a wonderful Thanksgiving week :)

  7. what a great holiday. Your dog is precious, socially awkward dogs are hilarious!

  8. Sounds like the perfect holiday! And Graycie, I think I love her!

  9. looks like it was a great time home for you and sam! yay! and i love gracie!

  10. Wow you packed it in! Sounds like a great break. Well-deserved.
    Love what you're up to with your parents' new pad!!!

  11. any day that starts with champagne at 9 am is a pretty amazing one in my eyes. and you look like a total pro in the gun shot - well done!



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