Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Hear It's Almost Winter

Wintertime is right around the corner. It (FINALLY) feels cold in Houston.  Today I wore a thick sweater and still got the chills- that doesn't happen often down here. With the cooler months comes a few things I just love.

Sipping hot tea and primping for holiday soirees...

Faux furs, darkly-rimmed eyelids and tossled hair...

All-black ensembles with more fur...

Staying in bed too long on weekend mornings while lazily reading...

And beautiful Christmas tablescapes, of course...

Finally, another reason I love the winter months is because of the eclectic decor I seem to accumulate.  I have less of a tendency to keep my tabletops and counters tidy- with Christmas cards, holiday party invitations, small trinkets,wreaths, etc- my decor takes on an even more collected look, which I love.  

As I type this I'm sitting with a cup of hot chocolate wrapped up in a scarf.  Even though the sun's going down at 5 pm these days, I'm not complaining about it just yet. :)  I hope you're embracing the changing season along with me!


  1. I just love those Olsens and those red lips!! My favorite.

  2. Glad to know Houston is catching up!

  3. The tablescape is beautiful! It's finally feeling like Fall/Winter here in San Antonio too. Finally!

  4. Oh MK&A, adore them! And that table setting is gorgeous!
    xo TJ

  5. Definitely embracing the change in season! Nothing I love more than some fur!

  6. Cold and dark very early here in Paris and not ready for it Sam!! The Olsen twins have fabulous style love this makeup with the red and neutral lip! Glam Glam Glam.
    Adore that first pic wish I looked that good sipping tea in rollers :)
    Carla x

  7. pretty pics; DD



  8. I'm not ready! I think it's going to be a cold one up here. But I do love the fall. Cold Houston sounds lovely though!

  9. This post made me feel all warm and cozy. I just love a cup of something hot late afternoon/early evening. I'm also loving that it's finally getting a little cooler here on the west coast. I'm pretty sure we all but missed Fall this year. The leaves on our Maple are still mostly green!

  10. I must say, as a girl from Georgia who lives in Chicago, I hate hate hate winter weather. But this post made me actually want to embrace it :) any excuse to stay in bed under the warm covers in good for me. I do getting out of the shower on a daily basis though because I know the second the water goes off the next 5 minutes will be a chilly hell!


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