Friday, November 23, 2012

Mad World

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a wonderful turkey day.  My parents host Thanksgiving for our entire extended family, so I didn't leave their house the entire day.  It was glorious.  I ate way too much, got in my PJs at 3 pm, and napped all afternoon.  It reminded me of this scene from  Eat, Pray, Love:
Listening to Liz (played by Julia Roberts) talk about the wonderful people in her life in this clip reminded me once again how grateful I am for this online community.  As a matter of fact, her speech at the beginning is exactly how I feel about the people I've met through blogging. 
I found this pin on Pinterest and felt it described perfectly the role you guys play in my life.  I'm so thankful for you.
I've seen a lot of commentary lately discussing the absurdity of Black Friday.  One day, you are surrounded by your loved ones reflecting on all you have to be thankful for.  The next day, you are up at 6 am fighting crowds of people for material possessions.  It is a little silly when we think about it like that, isn't it?  That's why I titled this post "Mad World."
Don't get me wrong. I love shopping as much as the next girl, but I want to make a bigger effort of being intentional about my purchases.  So today, instead of sharing a million pointless Black Friday flash sales, I thought I'd focus only on those brands that I truly love and I think you'll love to.
The Aestate is offering 20% off her entire Etsy shop with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.  You may remember me posting an instagram of my new lips print I purchased a few weeks ago:
Well you can scoop it up for 20% off here.  Another favorite from the shop is this bad boy:
I've really been in to skulls lately. Go figure.
Another favorite shop is 219.  They are offering 20% off with coupon code THANKS at checkout.  I cannot believe I didn't know about this fab online shop until Christine from Bijou & Boheme blog announced that she is now selling a few items with them.  I am in love with this pillow:
Tiger print +pink velvet.  Need I say more?

 This King Louis XVI Style Fauteuil is upholstered in pink satin.  Again, need I say more?  Before you fall in love, too, you must know it's sold.  I still had to share a picture of it.  It's perfection.  I hope they find another one.... (hint, hint!)

And on the slim chance you live near Oklahoma City, I reccommend checking out the Pop-Up Shops at the Myriad Botanical Gardens
 A few of my favorite local OKC boutiques will be there, including...
Sara Kate Studios.  Sara Kate Studios is a design company defined by traditional style with a modern sensibility. They also sell eclectic home decor, desk accessories, and currently holiday wrapping goodies.  Fun fact: Sara Kate has been featured in Matchbook Magazine and Lonny!
{Large Sea Fan $38}

{French Velvet Ribbon in Champagne $30}
Another great shop that will be there is Pencil Shavings Studio...
{Gold Lucite Tray $65}

{Lucite Serving Tray- Bonita Collection $58}
{Watercolor iPhone 4/5 cases $39.99}
I plan to do my part to shop local.  I hope you will, too!  Or just stay home and avoid the craziness.  Whatever makes you happy. 
Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


  1. Hi Sam,
    I love that clip, and that movie! so true.. Can't get psyched for Black Friday, since I'm still in the warm fuzzy family love mode...have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Nancy

  2. I can't shop today....or this weekend....I prefer to stay in my little family bubble. These are my favorite days of the year...we go get our tree, decorate the house...make fires....its too good.....I blogged about The Aestate's sale too :)

  3. That's why is better to be Canadian, we already gave thanks a month ago, so we don't feel guilty to take advantage of the American deals ;)

  4. Thanks for including me!!

    - Pencil Shavings Studio

  5. The perfect Black Friday post! I love all of your features!


  6. Thank you SO much for including Shop 219 and my pillows:) That pink chair actually belongs to me and I have to tell you, it's even prettier in person. As well, LOVE all of these shops...I need some of those pink sea corals for my fireplace- have been obsessed ever seeing the spread in matchbook.

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