Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Skirted Round Table

To me, designing a timeless interior is a relationship between ambiance and our surroundings- how do we bring the influence of our lives and our passions in to our home?  

I bring my biggest influences in to my home through coffee table books and French antiques.  They are scattered throughout my house and make me happy.  I've been dreaming of adding a skirted round table to display my favorite books and a few antique pieces ever since I saw a picture of Tory Burch's foyer:

I've typically seen skirted tables upholstered in a softer color, but her bold choice inspired me.  Now I'm thinking of having one upholstered in a statement-making hue.
I love the way the books are displayed as they would be in a store- all the way around the table.

A skirted table would also make a pretty addition to a master bedroom.  Instead of books, special framed photos could be displayed.

To see more of my foyer inspiration, click here.

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