Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Skirted Round Table

To me, designing a timeless interior is a relationship between ambiance and our surroundings- how do we bring the influence of our lives and our passions in to our home?  

I bring my biggest influences in to my home through coffee table books and French antiques.  They are scattered throughout my house and make me happy.  I've been dreaming of adding a skirted round table to display my favorite books and a few antique pieces ever since I saw a picture of Tory Burch's foyer:

I've typically seen skirted tables upholstered in a softer color, but her bold choice inspired me.  Now I'm thinking of having one upholstered in a statement-making hue.
I love the way the books are displayed as they would be in a store- all the way around the table.

A skirted table would also make a pretty addition to a master bedroom.  Instead of books, special framed photos could be displayed.

To see more of my foyer inspiration, click here.


  1. Great suggestion! To be honest I would never think to shirt my table but I do love all of the pics you have here - I just may need to explore this as an option!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  2. I saw that picture of TB's foyer the other day- still can't get over what great taste she has.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  3. fine photos = DD


    new post !!

  4. So gorgeous!! Love the skirting.



  5. Love it! I love skirted tables for their ability to show off a fun fabric without the commitment of upholstery while hiding tons of storage underfoot!

  6. I agree with Julia!! I love this decor "trend"...it looks so sophisticated and chic as well. The first and last pictures are my favorite!

  7. LOVE this look! So excited to have stumbled upon this adorable blog :)

    Consider me your newest follower!

  8. Greatest post ever! I knew we were meant to be besties. Truly.


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