Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Elegant Eclectic Client Selections

I am a big believer in mixing.  I love to see different styles of furniture working together for an eclectic, lived-in vibe.  Anything too matchy-matchy and I kind of freak out.  It's a delicate balance that can't really be formulated; you want to create an aesthetic that feels natural, fresh, and fun.  This past Monday I met with a client and together we finalized a living room palette that we are both thrilled about.  It's such a wonderful feeling as an interior designer to be able to communicate your vision in a way that excites your client.  As per my usual fashion, I kept the larger pieces neutral and brought in color through artwork and accessories.  The focal point will be a large abstract painting with a vibrant mix of blues, yellows and grays:

We decided on the Carlisle sofa from Pottery Barn to replace their existing sectional.  I couldn't resist the traditional English roll arm, and my client couldn't resist the comfort of it!  Mother of pearl lamps, faux bamboo side tables and a zebra hide will also be thrown in to the mix.  I can't wait to see it all come together!

Are you having a good week?  I am happy but quite exhausted- too bad it's only Wednesday!  I am really looking forward to that Australian getaway coming up in 9 weeks.... counting down the days.... ;) 
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